06 June 2015

How Times Have Changed

D-Day, 71 years ago.
THAT was real courage.

....without any of the self-mutilation by sexually-confused has-been athletes that's supposed to represent the "courage" of these sorry days.

24 May 2015

Memorial Day

{pic from PatriotPost.us}

It's not just about 3-day weekends.

16 May 2015

Does Anybody In D.C. Grasp OpSec?

Okay, so the number 2 mutt in ISIS - Abu Sayyaf - has assumed room temperature, courtesy of JSOC's 1st SFOD-D.
{translation for those who aren't fluent in Military Acronym - that's Joint Special Operations Command, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta...or "Delta Force" to movie-goers}
America's premiere tier one assets - a fancy way of saying "the best of the best" - flew into Syria from Iraq (which has turned back into the Wild West - thanks for nuthin', obama) and took down the puke who was in charge of the oil/petroleum money operations for ISIS.

Well done, gentlemen.

Now, the question arises - just as it did the very NIGHT that DEVGRU {Naval Special Warfare Development Group}, specifically SEAL Team 6 - revoked the breathing-rights of Oh-Mama bin-Hidin':


You pukes just PUBLICLY shat all over any operational intel you might have gotten from that raid!

America, when it comes to the current misAdministration of Lil' King Putt, we have children playing at war, and as a result, a whole lot of people are suffering and dying who perhaps might not have had to if adults were running this war.
...and this nation.
God help us - and watch over our war-fighters, who deserve better leadership.

10 March 2015

hellary's Private Emails? ...meanwhile......

{pic from PatriotPost.us}

Everyone is damping their pampers about hellary breaking the law and using a private server for all her emails while she was SecState.

Meanwhile, lost in the shuffle are just a couple of minor things....
....like how Lil' King Putt is "negotiating" with (read: allowing) the MadMullahs of Tehran to develop a nuke;
....like how those same "negotiations" IGNORE the fact that those same Iranian psychos are building INTERCONTINENTAL Ballistic Missiles (gee, what continent would they be wanting to send a nuke toward?);
....like how the FedGov is on the verge of busting the (fictional to all intents and purposes) Federal debt-ceiling (again!);
....like how the Quislings in Congress ("boneless boehner" in the House and "obama's-bitch" mcconnell in the Senate) have passed and FUNDED Lil' King Putt's unConstitutional amnesty for millions of illegal aliens;
....like how ONE unelected oligarch on the Supreme Court (probably kennedy) will cast the deciding vote on whether or not individual states can choose to ban "queer marriage" (when did we repeal the 10th Amendment?);
....like how the ATF oh-so-graciously chose to honor that quaint, antiquated little 2nd Amendment thingy by NOT declaring 5.56 ammo "illegal".......

And the media are going wall-to-wall with hellary's private emails?

...yeah, the humbugs are running America, but they are NOT "good people".


16 January 2015

mohammed Was A Pedophile

He actually was a child-molester, you know.
But don't take my word for it.
Read their own histories and the "hadith".
He "married" is last wife - Aisha - when he was 51 and she was six.
Yes, SIX years old.
....but at least he waited until she was NINE before he consummated the "marriage".

THAT is pretty much all you need to know about the "prophet".
....other than the fact that ISIS is doing EXACTLY what he did back in the 6th century, that is......