27 July 2014

I. Stand. With. Israel.

America has only ONE true ally in the Middle East.

04 July 2014


Have A Righteous Independence Day!
Do the burgers and beer, fireworks and family,
but remember the REASON we celebrate.

On 4 July 1776, fifty six men signed a document.
 One that could mean their deaths if they failed.
America is THEIR legacy.
Don't fuck it up!

27 June 2014

MORE Criminal Negligence

{cartoon from PatriotPost.us

.....oh, and.....

'Nuff Said.

23 June 2014

Criminal Negligence

{pic from PatriotPost.us}

So many dead and wounded - pissed away for leftist politics.
.....don't even get me started.

05 June 2014

D-Day, +70 Years

"It's about the man next to you, and that's it."

Seventy years ago, all gave some, some gave all.

Never forget what they did for the world.