07 April 2022

Destroying the Supreme Court


It's been a spell, but I'm  back...and I brought Opus with me for illustrative purposes.

Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 - U.S.Constitution:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Today, the U.S. Senate confirmed a number of Bones when they voted for a new SCOTUS "Justice".

1.  ketanji brown-jackson was picked because she was a black woman (biden's words, not mine), and yet she wouldn't define "woman", proving her personal agenda is more important to her than reality...or the Constitution.

2.  brown-jackson is overly lenient to child rapists (fact, not conjecture)...just let that one simmer a spell.

3.  brown-jackson told the Senate that she "...does not hold a position on whether individuals have natural rights that come from God, not the law." - despite the fact that our founding documents are entirely based on humans having certain "INALIENABLE (not from the government) RIGHTS".....uh....doesn't SCOTUS regularly rule on the Constitutionality of laws and whether or not they violate a citizens' "Rights"?

4.  collins, murkowski, and romney confirmed that they are traitors - not just to their party, but to this nation which they are helping destroy - with their treasonous decision to place a very radical, very BIASED "justice" into a lifetime slot on SCOTUS, as witnessed by their open, bold-faced confessions (their very public votes) .  They are traitors because it is obvious to any rational American that the marxists in the democrat party are true enemies of this republic, actively and openly waging war against the very foundations of this nation.

Alaska, Maine, Utah - you people know what you need to do the next time those 3 quislings are up for reelection.

....as for brown-jackson, impeachment of SCOTUS "justices" IS a power of the U.S. Congress.....

05 March 2022

 Tonight's Bone is simple Math.

benedict biden's handlers have said they've released 30,000,000 barrels of oil from America's strategic reserve to "combat inflation" at the gas pump.

America uses an average of 20,000,000 barrels a day.

Do the math......

The marxists running D.C. are NOT on America's side.

03 March 2022

Terrorists, Dragons, and Bears....oh my......

And today's Bone comes straight from the "Can't Make This Shit Up" files:

The marxist jackasses in D.C. are having the Russians and the Chinese take the lead to "renegotiate" obama's treasonous "nuke deal" with Iran.
More at this link.

Yeah - they're really doing that.

AND, not only are biden's eco-terrorist butt-nugget handlers STILL financing puti's invasion of Ukraine by buying over 650,000 barrels of Russian oil EVERY DAMNED DAY - while keeping their knee on the throats of American petroleum companies - but the pathetic Indiana mayor "leading" our Transportation Agency is "open" to America helping support world-wide islamo-terrorism by BUYING IRANIAN OIL.

The leftists are NOT known for their Logic skills.

27 February 2022

Who's REALLY Being Sanctioned?


(hat-tip to Mark Levin for the info)

Are there REALLY any meaningful "sanctions" on putin?

Consider this:
1.  Russia still has access to much of the SWIFT banking system (how the world does international banking transfers).

2.  China hasn't really signed on to any sanctions, so what few there are won't really matter.

3.  We're actually BUYING oil from Russia - look it up.

4.  Around 3/4ths of Russia's revenue is from petrochemicals - plus arms sales, wheat, cyber-crime, etc.

5.  biden's handlers specified that the "sanctions" were NOT targetting Russia's petro industry.

Tonight's Bone:
biden has slapped more "sanctions" on the AMERICAN petroleum industry than on Russia's.

Just let that one simmer a spell, then ask yourself "Why?"

The answer is all-too obvious...and treasonous.

24 February 2022

Here's to biden....


Today's Bone is all too obvious.

We already knew that the international sociopaths putin and xi have been meeting both openly and behind the scenes for years, and when biden was selected, they knew they finally had the opening they needed.

The genocidal ChiCom xi (the stronger of the two) had putin go first in order to:

1.  Test the effectiveness of preliminary cyber attacks, prior to any actual military action;

2.  Test biden's handlers' response - seriously, biden can't negotiate the complexities of a roll of toilet paper, so do you REALLY believe he's making ANY decisions in this misAdministration?

3.  Stretch allied forces/assets/alliances, testing their response on the economic front - they knew from biden's August disaster in Afghanistan that there'd be zero real military response.

Thus, putin takes Ukraine - did you really think he'd settle for a couple slices when biden's truly historic weakness would let him eat he whole cake? - which sets the table for xi to learn from the responses and make any adjustments needed, then take Taiwan.  And even if putin doesn't actually keep Ukraine, he'll be able to install a puppet government and effectively own it anyway (just ask Georgia) - same with Taiwan, but xi is a lot more ruthless (just ask the Uighurs) and a lot more patient (just ask Hong Kong), and China has been stockpiling raw materials and resources, obviously getting ready for any "crippling sanctions" the rest of the planet might try to impose....

...look, bill clinton teed up this disaster in 1994 by convincing Ukraine to give up their Soviet-era nukes, but make no mistake, ALL the coming bloodshed and suffering has been given the Green Light thanks to the potato in the White House - and everybody who voted for the puppet biden and the marxists who run him.

Facts don't care about your feelings, sweetums.

22 February 2022

Vodka v Potato


Ukraine is only part of putin's plan - it's a wedge he's using to get some terrain he wants, while at the same time he's causing fractures in NATO....

...and the whole while, he's showing 3d world nations that he's "tougher" than biden, so they should trust him more than the potato who fucked our Afgan allies.

Add to that the fact that the Spud-in-Chief gave putin the green light to roll on Ukraine by shutting down much of our energy production and ok'ing the NordStream 2 pipeline (making Germany dependant on Russian natural gas, thus weakening NATO), and this is almost completely a self-inflicted wound by the marxists running our White House.

The Bone is that putin really can't lose in this whole sorry mess...but the rest of the Free World will.

21 February 2022

Fig Leaf


I'll keep it brief tonight, because some things don't need much explanation:

vladimir putin moved "peacekeepers" into the "separatist" regions of Ukraine today - that's a typical Russian "peacekeeper" pictured above.

This is the equivalent of a dog marking his territory by pissing on a tree, and in the realm of international politics, it smells even worse.

Tonight's Bone is that he now owns those regions, and the only question is how much more he's going to bite off of Ukraine before he decides to quit.

....and it's entirely up to putin to decide when to stop, because all we have is a potato for a POTUS.....