26 June 2021

Search For Your "Why"

Just finished this man's book:
"...any attempt to restore a man's inner strength in the camp [Auschwitz] had first to succeed in showing him some future goal. Nietzsche's words, "He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how," could be the guiding motto for all...efforts regarding prisoners. Whenever there was an opportunity for it, one had to give them a why - an aim - for their lives, in order to strengthen them to bear the terrible how of their existence. Woe to him who saw no more sense in his life, no aim, no purpose, and therefore no point in carrying on. He was soon lost."

>>> "Man's Search for Meaning" 
Viktor Frankl, Auschwitz survivor

19 June 2021

CT + (6~8)M = Truth

 I heard a joke on a podcast the other day - it was about the facts finally coming out about the bioweapon that is the China Virus, and it's most likely origins in the (surprise!) Wuhan bioweapons research lab.
The joke goes "what's the difference between a Conspiracy Theory and the Truth?  6 to 8 months...."
...which is where the title of this post comes from....

Now, it's looking like the possibility that the "6 Jan insurrection" was actually - at least in part - a "False Flag Op" (like I hinted in my 9 Jan 21 post) is closer to the truth than the marxists and their media want anyone to believe.  

Closer, in that it appears there actually were some antifa terrorists in on that jackassery, as well as the very real likelihood of Federal "confidential informants" at the very least (termed "unindicted co-conspirators"), and possibly even some "agents provocateur" instigating the violence.

Problem is, we still don't know for sure, because the Feds are sitting on over 1400 hours of video evidence (there are cameras ALL through the Capitol Building), and they're covering their shit faster than a cat in a litter box.

Hell, for that matter, we still don't even know the name of the shooter who killed Ashli Babbit - the only person actually killed on that day.
...riddle me this, Batman, "If the shooter was white and the woman was a black antifa or blm terrorist, do you really believe the shooter's name would still be anything even close to a mystery?"

How much more are they holding back from us?

Secrecy, lies, and treachery - it's like this wherever (Venezuela, Cuba, China, NY, etc) and whenever (obama, cuomo, etc) marxists have control.

Look, it's indisputable that the riot at the Capitol Building was absolutely some "weapons'-grade-stupid", but how much of it was "spontaneous" from actual Trump-supporters, and how much of it was a set-up by the marxists?
Was it actually a page from History - another Reichstag Fire - staged for political purposes?

That sick conclusion is looking more and more likely with every new bit of evidence that slips out.

...about 6 to 8 months later....

We need to remember that America was founded as a NATION which HAS a government, and NOT a government that has a NATION.

There is a huge difference between those two, but the marxists want to control a government that has an America....

Who Really Broke Into The Capitol First?

10 June 2021

Bullshit and Bioweapons


Ain't it curious that China - because of their infamous "one child policy" - now has (had?) way too many old people (and overloaded, state-funded pension and medical systems) and not enough babies to grow up and help support those systems.

Next, "miraculously", here comes a virus that targets the old and sick (non-productive mouths) but leaves the young virtually untouched....

Then - when the virus got out, likely in October 2019 - the ChiComs "rushed" out a vax.
A woman virologist (now conveniently dead) who had been working for the PLA, applied for the patent on that vax in February 2020...only FOUR months later....

Nevermind that "doc" fauci and a virologist named peter daszak have been in it up to their squinty eyes for years, working with and providing funding for (courtesy of the AMERICAN taxpayers) the biolab in Wuhan to explore "gain of function research" (make a bad bug worse) - all because OBAMA had made such research illegal here in America.  

(do you see what I see?)

And now the release of a bunch of fauci's emails has him and daszak scrambling like roaches on a hot skillet, trying to cover the fact that they had a hand in the creation of a world-wide pandemic that's killed millions.

Occam's Razor is screaming "bullshit" on all those "bats-in-a-wet-market" stories.

I'm thinking the china virus was actually a bioweapon being developed by the ChiCom PLA, but it got away from them before they were ready - otherwise they would have already had a vax prepped to protect their own troops, now, wouldn't they?
....change my mind......

08 March 2021

Cancel the Cancel Culture


Now the hyper-sensitive "woke" ass-nuggets have "canceled" Pepe Le Pew! 


 Pepe le Pew Canceled

03 February 2021

Et Tu, china joe?

So the articles of "impeachment" were brought to the Senate by a gang of thieves and spies, liars and Quislings from the House.

The socialists are making a mockery of every other Article in the Constitution, so why should impeachment be any different?

Bear in mind that nanny-state pelosi has "presided" over HALF of the "impeachments" in the entirety of 230+ years of American History, and Emperor china joe has signed enough Executive Orders/Actions (40+) the first two weeks of his alleged "presidency" to equal about half as many as any other President has done in their first YEAR.

This shit is getting more than serious - do a search for the socialists' "HR1" - and I'm firmly convinced that they want more blood in the streets.
...statehood for D.C., packing SCOTUS, taking election law-making authority away from the individual states, amnesty for millions of illegals at the same time they've halted building the wall, shutting down a private enterprise (Keystone Pipeline), race-based discrimination codified in FedGov agencies, and on and on......

We've already got Civil (insurgency) War 2 happening on the back burners, and these psychotic ass-nuggets sure seem to want to move it to the front burners and crank up the heat.

We already have a modern-day Kristallnacht happening with My Pillow, Parler, and a fuck-ton of other smaller companies - what else would you call governmental attempts to intimidate, bankrupt, terrorize, silence these businesses?
...isn't that the same as what the brown shirts did to the Jews in 1930's Germany - just without all the cleaning up of busted glass?

I'm not one to charge blindly into "Godwin's Law", but I'm a student of History, and - to quote Mark Twain - "History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme."

The socialists running D.C. - along with their goebbels in the media, their Schutzstaffel tech-tyrants, and brown-shirt blm and antifa terrorists - have taken 1930's German History and spun it into a limerick that Machiavelli could have written.

I don't think I'm being over-dramatic when I say that these are some of the most dangerous times that America has ever faced.

Cicero put it pretty well - remember he was murdered for voicing his disapproval of the ruling Roman regime at the time....

29 January 2021

Government + Corporations = Fascism....doesn't it?

This jihad of ideologically-based financial censorship against people the socialist regime in D.C. wants silenced is not just unConstitutional, it is evidence of a deadly-serious collaboration - if not an unholy melding - of a sociaist government, big-conglomerate propaganda media, and powerful, unethical corporations.

They're trying to destroy businesses bases SOLELY on a difference in political ideology!

And yes, the closest analogy to it would be the final days of the Weimar Republic. How is this not a modern-day exhumation of Kristallnacht?
Can anybody think of another era in History that even comes close?

Epoch Times Statement on YouTube Demonetization

23 January 2021

The (un)Civil Insurgency

People are starting to question openly whether or not we're headed for a civil war.

Sorry, but looking at things closely, I'm pretty sure we've already BEEN in Civil War 2 for some time, now.

Yeah, I'm repeating myself a bit from the previous post, but this is too important to just let it slide.

I'm in no way calling for MORE violence - let the guys with the badges handle the punks in the streets - but we can ALL do our part in this fight...just look at how we operate on other sites, with the free flow of information, ideas, and debate.
You fight an ideology with BETTER ideology....not guns.
...we need MORE Free Speech, NOT less!

Besides, just look at the picture above and tell me why you believe that mutt is somehow (magic?) anything BUT a terrorist.
...do you really want to become one of THEM?

We destroy OUR movement when we act like the turds in THEIR movement.