24 September 2007

Email From An American

The following is an email (and my reply) that I got from a friend of mine who was actually AT the protest against the "speech" Mom-Mooed AhmaWhackJob was INVITED to give at Columbia today:

Hey I'm on the train leaving the city. I was among a group protesting... LOL I know, I'm way too old to be protesting... I just hated the fact this man was in my city... It was fun. But I now know why I left the city, the dyed in wool liberal nuts are hard to deal with every day . I have mixed feelings about what Bollinger had to say. Just a quick question.... What's your feelings on his opening comments??? He did for that moment say all the right things... Yet why now? Where were these feelings/comments before. He talked about students that were in Iraq yet he won't allow the ROTC on campus , go figure what's on a liberals mind....OH wait. They don't have any do they?.... Well when ever I'm just not sure about something I always like to hear your comments.



>>>>my response follows:

Damned fine work, soldier!
As for what boll-less-ger had to say, it was nearly as predictable as a car dealer's promises...and just as hollow.

Consider all the uproar - it started just about the same time that AhmaWhackJob announced his intentions to "pay his respects" at Ground Zero.
...to whom? The murdered or the murderers?
....trick question, considering his track record of "Death To America" rhetoric.

Then America finds out that the mindless socialists runnin' Columbia have actually INVITED that terrorist to speak!

boll-less-ger undoubtedly had zero expectation of the EXTENT of America's outrage - after all, how could mere "hicks" like us understand the "enlightened" motives of such "elite thinkers"?

Then the shit-storm hit him, and with the liberalite's trademark invertebrate tactics, he "turned crawdad"......libs ALWAYS move fastest in reverse.

He HAD to come up with some sort of umbrella to keep the manure wave from washin' his sorry ass clean out of his Ivory Tower, so he cherry-picked the questions, pretended he was talking to a conservative from a red state, then let the cameras roll.

Predictable. Pathetic. Pointless.
...and, ultimately, Propaganda........for Iran.

Fuck boll-less-ger and the admin pukes at Columbia.

Good on you, though, and all the people who stood with you.

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MK said...

Yeah good on her TS, please pass on our best wishes from down under, unfortunately we couldn't be there picketing as well. Not much of a protestor, but i would have tried if it was anywhere near there.