07 October 2007


The first of tonight's entries is about the front in Iraq, of course, but more specifically, it's about some of the troopers who served there - some 2600 members of the Minnesota Army National Guard.

While there, their tour was extended to 22 months - more specifically, 729 days (the number is important) - but not for 730 days...which is the magic number for them to receive some extra benefits they SHOULD be entitled to.

Anyone who scans Drudge might have seen his link to the story: http://www.wcsh6.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=71741

But here's the part that ISN'T being reported - those troops are ALSO the ones who did the "...STUCK IN IRAK" banner photo that has become such a symbol of the left's indifference (or downright hatred) of the troops over there.

(h/t to Pat Dollard for picking this up)

Gee, I wonder if some left-leaning drone in the Puzzle Palace who was partial to jean-françois kerrì might have had something to do with the dates on those orders...?

Then again, given the mounds of regulations on that sort of thing - and the inevitable budget restrictions imposed by the penny-pinchers in Congress - that sort of shanking of the troops has been going on for...oh, only about 230 some-odd years, now.....
Those of us who have served know the drill on how THAT goes....

The next entry for tonight is a bit more straight-forward, showing point-by-point how a firefight and an airstrike in Baqubah can be folded, spindled, mutilated and spun by the various media - from cnn to All-Jizz to Bloomberg to ap to the BBC. It was done by one of the members of ThreatWatch.org http://threatswatch.org/ - a former Marine named Steve Schippert, a Gulf1.0 veteran:

Thus is the "news" reported - REGULARLY - in the so-called "main stream" media.

Is it any wonder I felt the need to create this blog?


KG said...

The only reasonable response to stories such as this is RAGE!

MK said...

I used to think a long time ago, that you hear two versions of a story and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. In reality now, it's more like, you simply cannot get the truth, what you get is half-truths and then lies.