27 December 2007


I'm not going to get into the hairball that is Pakistani politics with this post, or even say a whole lot about the raving speculation regarding possible perpetrators, conspiracy theories, or the (self-serving) motives of the various pundits and websites - you know the ones - spunking all over themselves trying to blame US for what happened to Benazir Bhutto.

All that crap will work itself out as the facts of Bhutto's assassination come to light, so I'll not waste my time on it here tonight.

I've only got three observations to make about the situation:

1. The Pakistani troops who actually have possession of their nation's nuclear weapons have been fighting the (also nuclear-capable) Indians for an awfully long time, and they KNOW what their well-armed neighbor would do if some of those really big firecrackers went "missing".

...so I'm not losing sleep over the possibility of those nukes ending up in terrorists hands.

2. Given all the assassination attempts on them over the past few years, it's obvious that the Pakistanis grow leaders with BALLS...regardless of gender.

and 3. Whenever there's that kind of 3-way political situation, my instincts are Macchiavellian enough that the first rock I'd turn over looking for the perpetrator of the assassination is the one hiding the weakest contender for power....

...and I ain't talkin' about the terrorists.

Something stinks about all this.

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MK said...

As i told someone the other day, Pakistan is a place where no one person is truly in charge, if you look at the attempts on Musharraf's life in the past, there are even elements in his own ranks who are angling to kill him.