23 January 2008

It Is What It Is

Okay, so far too many voters in South Carolina are uninformed, easily duped or seriously NOT conservative...makes no difference in the long run, since their lack of common sense has caused the end of Fred's Presidential bid.

So be it.

Now, what do we have left? A governor who did far too much compromising in one of the most liberalite states in the union. A mayor who outlawed guns and ran a sanctuary city. A preacher who wants to raise taxes, then give the money to the kids of illegal aliens. A war hero who has assaulted the First Amendment, votes against tax cuts, leads a palace coup to sabotage judicial nominees, and authors a bill with teddy "what bridge?" kennedy to grant amnesty to illegals.

A lot like trying to pick the "best" MRE from a box of rations where someone else has already taken the beef stew and such, and just left the vegetarian ones. (...and for you civilians - yes, they DO make vegan MRE's....how sick is THAT?!?!?)

What it's going to come down to is priorities.

1. Is winning the war important?

2. How important is securing the borders?

3. Is abortion your deal-breaker?

4. Have you swallowed the media hype about a so-called "recession"?

5. Do tax cuts matter to you?

Sorry, no matter who you pick of the left-overs, you're not going to be 100% cozy with ANY of the candidates still in the race.

Deal with it.

This is reality, not a TV show.

For me, I've ALWAYS felt that "executive experience" is important for anyone lookin' to fill the slot of Chief EXECUTIVE - kinda follows, ya know - which was one of the few qualms I had about backing Thompson.

But Huckabee is a liberalite with an "R" after his name, and I just can't get past Giuliani's anti-gun, pro-illegal alien actions.

rupaul....er, ronpaul?

You're joking, right? That nut-job has ZERO qualifications to be Commander in Chief, and would possibly be an even greater threat to the existance of this nation than hellary cliton or hussein obama.

McCain? I can respect his past, but this is NOW, and the last thing we need is another child of the Sick Sixties going all squishy in the Oval Office. His insanity about allowing the terrorists into our civilian courts, his blatant stupidity on McCain-Feingold (yet another siamese-twinning with a liberalite), the Amnesty bill (with kennedy)...he's kissed far too much leftist ass.


If McCain gets the nomination, this might be the first time in nearly 30 years that I do NOT vote for a Presidential candidate.

Looks like - by default - I'm going to have to support Romney.

A poor second choice, but you do what'cha can with what'cha got.

He'd better pick Fred for Veep...then I just MIGHT sleep a mite easier....

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Oswald Bastable said...

I find the discovery that there are vegan MRE really disturbing on so many levels!

It certainly give truth to the name Meals Rejected by Ethiopians!