16 March 2008


The bloom is off the rose...and it's about damned time!

The empty suit - obama - has FINALLY begun receiving the same type of dry colonoscopy the other Presidential candidates have been getting for over a year, and it's all because of his choice in churches.

The liberalites will try - with their usual desperation - to fold, spindle, spin and mutilate the facts surrounding this, but here are the "cold hards":

1. obama knew that "preacher" (of hate) for over TWENTY YEARS;

2. he got the title of his BOOK from that "preacher";

3. that "preacher" baptized obama's KIDS;

4. that "preacher" MARRIED obama and his wife;

5. obama's WIFE publically stated - in a WRITTEN speech, TWICE in one day! - that only NOW was she "proud of America";

6. obama - as early as last year - told that "preacher" that his sermons "could be kinda rough"...in short: obama KNEW about the "preacher's" hate speech;

7. obama "disinvited" that "preacher" from speeking at an obama event earlier this year (wonder why?);

8. and that was BEFORE the heat got turned up, and BEFORE obama gave that preacher an OFFICIAL JOB with the obama CAMPAIGN...and only NOW has that empty suit kicked that "preacher" to the curb;

9. now obama is trying to tell America that he DIDN'T KNOW about that "preacher's" utter lack of Christian charity (or common sense), as if TWENTY MUTHA-FRAGGIN'-YEARS wasn't enough to get some tiny little CLUE....but NewsMax blew the lit off of THAT little attempt at revisionist history;


10. and finally, obama said he "disagreed with SOME" of the things that "preacher" said - so what parts did he AGREE WITH?

Now - of course - the liberalites have dragged out some obscure preacher named parsley (or some such) who has endorsed mccain, and had some nasty things to say about homosexuals, trying desperately to mitigate obama's self-castration by pointing fingers (however much they're stretching) at mccain.

Shit...what honest preacher (who has actually READ the Bible) has NOT had some amount of condemnation for homosexuals? After all, the Bible itself condemns homosexual behavior, so why WOULDN'T they?

And besides, there's a hell of a difference between getting an endorsement from someone you've met only once, and VOLUNTARILY attending a church for a couple DECADES and giving a JOB to a hate-mongering racist nut-case!

BOTTOM LINE: obama is finally going under the microscope, and what we're finding is well-done, extra-crispy toast.

Looks like the socialist hellary will be running against the non-conservative mccain.

...lousey choices...

I'd prefer to stick by my convictions and NOT vote for mccain - but the fact is that war makes people do a LOT of things they'd rather not do, and if I DIDN'T vote for mccain, then I'd be back-stabbing not only the troops, but (since I'm getting back in) I'd also be performing an anatomically impossible sexual act on MYSELF!

God Bless America.....I'll have to vote for mccain.

....then take a REALLY long shower.............

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MK said...

The hypocrisy of the media is stunning, if this had been a predominantly white church and a Republican, they'd drive them into the sea, but because it's their treasured candidate Obama, suddenly Liberals aren't so big on bashing the supposed Christians.