18 May 2008

Catchin' Up

I've been wrapped up in events in the real world for a while, and I'll admit that of the blogs I've done this year, the vast majority were thumping on American politics, so tonight I'm fryin' up some foreign fish.

Besides, knowledge of the events overseas that go UNREPORTED by the vultures in the media is VITAL these days....that whole "war-thingy", ya know....

There's always more readin' than writin' in my little corner of the Universe, and thus I'm posting some "must read" links tonight...besides, the bloggers I'm linking to have already done excellent jobs, and any observations I make will border on the superfluous.

First, here's some of the latest - virtually unreported by the media collaborators - out of Lebanon, courtesy of Michael Totten's "Middle East Journal":

Middle East Journal

Next, for a viewpoint from "DownUnder", a former "digger" (ANZAC soldier) turned blogger who calls himself 10MEN operates "Fortress Australia OutPost". Interspersed with the "war-porn" (gunsight videos) is a rather extensive collection of links to unreported news from around the world. He also has links to some excellent bloggers, as well, and has cross-posted a couple of articles from them on his page. (and yeah, it's also where I shamelessly stole the pic for this entry):

Fortress Australia Outpost

One of the blogs 10MEN links to is "Gates of Vienna", where bloggers Dymphna and Baron Bodissey (along with some EuroBloggers) document the further decline of Europe. In fact, they used to be part of "Pajamas Media" (no, I will not provide a link) before they were "exiled" for having the audacity to speculate on the possible outcome of unchecked Muslim immigration to the EU. The following is a link to a nutshell of their thesis, and the link after that is a video interview with Gregorius Nekschot - the Dutch cartoonist recently arrested for inciting racial intolerance by *gasp* drawing cartoons of Muhammad. And don't forget to check out the links under the pic of Holger Dansk for the story of the "Twelveth Viking":

Cassandra's Fate

Nekschot Interview

Long story short, unless more people grab a clue like the Danes have, the EU is in some seriously deep shit.

After that, it's time for something just a bit "lighter", and I found this next one on Pat Dollard's premiere site, where the video (make sure you watch it ALL the way to the end) definitely proves the accuracy of the title:

Lucky Bastard

And finally, there's this last link from the ultimate embed, Michael Yon. He's currently back in the U.S., and the link is to his last dispatch before he left Iraq. If you get the chance to order his book, do so (I already have), since the proceeds will be used for his next trip to the Sandbox. We need him - and more like him - over there to keep the REAL news from being censored and spun by the so-called "professional media":

Michael Yon

So, to sum up: Lebanon is NOT as bad off as the media implied it was; there's a whole mess of good news that people like 10MEN will put out that the media won't; Europe is in serious trouble unless people like Nekschot and the Danes get more of the EU's governments to pull their oxygen-starved heads out of their liberalite asses; some Aussie surfers are luckier than ANYONE has a right to be; and, I've got yet more reading to do when Yon's book gets here....

I did mention that I tend to do more reading than writing, didn't I...?

...and I'll be looking at some of the news out of South America tomorrow, so with some luck, I'll get a chance to put it out tomorrow or the next day.

I hope...mio español es oxidádo...and I'm pretty sure my spelling is worse.....LOL

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