22 July 2008


The sock puppet is at it again.
According to the dem-messiah, it was the Sunni's changing sides and al-Sadr's goons standing down that caused the drop in violence in Iraq....
...oh, and we put some extra American troops in there, too, but THEY really didn't have much to do with it....
...and snobama STILL wouldn't vote for The Surge, and STILL wants to pull the troops.

It was merely sheerest coincidence that the Sunni's "Awakened" - and mookie al-Sadr ran to Iran - just about the time that all those additional American combat forces headed into Iraq.

Now, that punk sat on a Senate committee where he could have called for hearings at any time on matters relating to the war - but he didn't.
Not once.
Yet he has now declared that Afghanistan has always been the key to the war, and that we need to "surge" more troops there as soon as possible.....but if that's so, why has he NEVER set foot in the 'Stan until NOW?

The sock puppet's website was sanitized BEFORE he left for his Magical Mystery Tour - getting rid of all those out-dated references to how Iraq was lost and the Surge was wrong - but is he now proposing more "diplomacy" or a "troop withdrawal" from the 'Stan?

Not a chance.

He wants to do the same thing in Afghanistan that he OPPOSED for Iraq!
Add to that the snafu about al-Maliki's statement - is he or ain't he cool with the sock puppet's 16-month white flag proposal to declare defeat?
...and do NOT think too hard about whether or not al-Maliki's government would even still BE there if we HAD followed snobama's recommendation of PULLING troops instead of sending in more with the Surge.........

Face it, there's only ONE thing keeping the run going for that desperately unqualified sock puppet to become the Anti-Commander-in-Chief:

...and that is the truly astonishing amount of media lipstick covering his sorry ass.


KG said...

Touch, I really fear for America if this lightweight sleazebag becomes Commander-in-Chief.
hell, I fear for the free world in general, because right now all that stands between us and defeat is the U.S.

MK said...

You'd be right to fear for the world KG, TS knows this. Who else on the planet can keep us safe apart from Sam.

Yeah, funny thing about the surge in Afghanistan, how come that one will work Obambi when the one in Iraq simply won't? Perhaps it's the magic surge.