04 July 2008

Sock Puppet

So the dumb-as-craps' "messiah" was in Butte, Montana today - supposedly to be in the Independence Day parade.

The first question anyone should ask is why the hell an elitist fop like that would go slummin' in a bitter-clinger hick wasteland like an old mining town high up in the Rockies.

Photo-op propaganda...pure and simple.

In the '04 election, only 3 Montana counties went for jean-françois kerrì, and Butte-Silverbow was one of them. It's one of a handful of blue cesspools in an otherwise healthy red state.

It's also one of the few places where snob-ama could get an enthusiastic reception that his sycophants in the media could point to and say, "SEE? Even in the wastelands of fly-over country, we can still find drooling idiots who'll worship at his altar and swoon over his empty sermons!"

They made all kinds of security preparations - pretty much pointless, since most of the folks here-abouts are hunters, and any elk hunter worth their salt could have put a new hole in the lapel of that empty suit at 200 yards or more. But, if nothing else, at least the lawmen succeeded in providing a disproportionate amount of inconvenience to people who otherwise just wanted to see the damned parade.

*** And no, I do NOT want some idiot to go and make snob-ama "past tense".
SHIT! Are you kiddin' me???
That would only make HELLARY the dem nominee....and SHE might actually have a chance of WINNING!

Anyways, yeah, I took the wife and kids to the parade, and I was wearing my beret (the only day of the year I wear the stupid thing) and a uniform shirt with blue jeans to help people remember the sacrifices that better men than I made so that we might HAVE a reason to celebrate.
(....my reenlistment still isn't fully official, so I couldn't turn out in full uniform - damn bureaucrap bullshit.)

Of course, I turned my back to all the democrap candidates and peace-punks, which meant I spent almost as much time facing away from the parade as watching it.

And snob-ama?


Now, to be honest, I'd bet that it was the Secret Service who "persuaded" the empty suit to sit out that rIde, but I'd ALSO bet that it didn't take MUCH persuading.

Bottom line?

The "dem-messiah" was a no-show for the hick peons, although he did send out his acolytes with the collection plates to skim money from the true believers.

What else would one expect from a sock puppet?

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MK said...

"...although he did send out his acolytes with the collection plates to skim money from the true believers."

Yeah, none of the public financing that he was so fond of before eh. Should have asked him if he planted enough trees to offset his carbon assprint.