19 August 2008

Elections DO Count

Left, Right, Undecided....there is ONE thing that EVERY American should agree on:

Now, before everyone assumes that such is the case, here's the facts: Only 5.5 percent of U.S. troops serving overseas were able to vote and actually have their vote counted in 2006, according to the Federal Election Assistance Commission.

That's from one of my favorite sites - Tanker Brothers.

For that matter, I can tell you that just getting the ballots can be a huge hassle - and when you've got about 10 gajillion other things to take care of before a deployment, it's REAL easy for things to drop through the cracks.

There's a bill in kommissar pelosi's House - it used to be "The People's House", but that was BEFORE 2006 - which would make things easier for our troops, but it's stuck in committee (big surprise, right?). So, while the CongressCritters (sans some disgruntled republicans who're still camped-out there) are schlepping around wherever the hell they've decided to take their junkets...er, vacations....uh, no, make that "fact-finding missions" - the clock is ticking down to 4 November.

Put on your cynical hats for this next part, boys and girls:

1. The military votes predominantly republican, usually by a two- or three-to-one margin.

2. kommisars pelosi and reid want a dem President, and/or veto-proof margins in their respective domains.

3. Dicking with the military vote - SOP for liberalites - will aid the dems in their crusade to socialize America.


Bypass the obstacle and get outta the kill-box.

For military members to register online >

For ballot requests >

Screw the liberalites before they screw our troops, and pass along this information to anyone you know that's in the military or has loved ones that are serving.

And remember, every vote for a democrat is another vote for pelosi/reid socialism.

Think about that for a moment, and you'll see how frighteningly true that is.....


auntybrat said...

Thanks for this - and yes, send it on!

MK said...

And you won't find democrats hobbling this. And yet they get all puffy when we label them criminal coddlers.