28 December 2008


I've little doubt that - for better or worse - future generations will equate the name "Palestinian" with the concept of "voluntary targets" at best, "suicidally stupid" at worst.

For generations now, Palestinian Arabs have willingly sacrificed themselves, their children, and their future on the altar of terrorism. They have had countless opportunities to live peacefully within the borders of Israel - the limp-wristed liberalites AND the hard-liners in the Knesset have insisted on that - yet the fundamentalists in the PLO and Hamas have kept up their campaign of
intolerance and violence regardless of the wishes of either the left or the right, Israeli or Arab.

The result?
The usual, all too predictable repetition of attacks and reprisals.

That situation is still developing, and pundits from London to D.C. to Delhi are wagging their tongues and posting voluminous - and often conflicting - analyses of the events in Gaza.

I'm not going to go into detail, or even put out the all-too-obvious predictions of how all that will turn out.

I'll only write this:
Look at who benefits from all that shit.
There's sick smiles and cynical back-slapping happening in Tehran and Moscow. If you don't know why that is, don't feel too bad - there are LOTS of self-styled "experts" who are just as lost as you are.

Problem is,
way too many of those phony "experts" get huge paychecks from various world governments.
...and far too many of those governments cast votes like this in the UN.

Like I said earlier, I'll not be posting any detailed analysis to the events in Gaza, but I WILL ask a question:
Do you stand with Israel or not?

...and if you know anything of Israel's history and can still even HOPE there's a third option to that question, then you're a bigger fool than the Pawn-estinians.
I don't even pity them any more, but it's a God-damned crime what they're allowing to happen to their kids...for someone else's ambition.

(h/t to 10MEN at Fortress Australia Outpost for the UN vote article, and Townhall.com for the cartoon.)


1735099 said...

In case you've missed the bleeding obvious, GW Bush is still POTUS. Find a cartoon featuring the individual whose policies during the last two terms have been characterized by abject failure in the quest for peace in the Middle East, and you might just begin to make sense.
Try this one - http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/horsey/popupV2.asp?SubID=3315&page=20&GTitle=David%20Horsey%3A%2025%20Best%20Bush%20Cartoons

TouchStone said...

Before I'd waste any time on the Seattle pi, they'll have to explain why they're not helping on the national security front. The fact that you waste time on it speaks unflattering volumes about yourself.

As for "bleeding obvious", you must have failed 20th Century Middle East History.

PeanutBoy set the tone of appeasement and raging stupidity that has held sway over ALL the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania since his misAdministration. That whole kum-bye-yah bullshit has done NOTHING but prolong the death and suffering.

There's TWO options for Israel:
victory or annihilation.
There's TWO options for the Palestinians:
Learn to coexist, or dig a lot more graves.

Since 1947, sparky, and nothing's changed except for the weaponry - ask yourself why that is, look at the facts on the ground, and there's only ONE conclusion:
Meddling by bleeding-hearts whose asses are NOT on the line.

The UN - and everyone who "feels" as they do - needs to come to one desperately blatant fact:
"Ceasefire" is Arabic for "reload".

Once you grasp that, you'll have your first clue.

MK said...

Last i read about the matter, HamASS is not allowing the injured to get out of Gaza, at least not until they've done using them for their propaganda. Not surprisingly the media is suddenly interested in covering terrible, cruel Israel.

Then the rockets were raining down on Israel for months and months, the MSM scum were very busy studying their navels, i guess. Wouldn't be the their jew-hatred, no, can't be, not the leftist media.

Anonymous said...
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