30 April 2009


Yet more evidence of the perfidy - hell, the outright back-stabbing TREACHERY! - of the jackals in the media (with sincere apologies to actual, four-legged jackals).

abc "news" has not only named the CIA contractors who designed the "enhanced interrogation" techniques - and waterboarded this nation's enemies to get essential information that helped preserve American lives - but put out their pictures AND the town where they live and work.

Notice that it's not until the very END of this so-called "news" that they just HAPPEN to mention the fact that these two men came up with the techniques in response to an AIR FORCE REQUEST TO HELP TRAIN OUR PILOTS TO RESIST TORTURE IF THEY WERE CAPTURED!

...uh, that means that we use these techniques TO TRAIN OUR OWN TROOPS!

I'm reproducing the article here
in toto and have stripped out all the clickable links, since I do NOT wish to drive any income-generating traffic to abc's treasonous website.
If anyone wants to see the crap on that site, a quick web search will get you there.

As for the men's names, I
almost redacted those as well, but that'd be locking the barn after the cows skipped out to Vegas for the weekend.


The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations The New Focus on Two Retired Military Psychologists Called the 'Architects' of the CIA's Techniques

April 30, 2009


As the secrets about the CIA's interrogation techniques continue to come out, there's new information about the frequency and severity of their use, contradicting an 2007 ABC News report, and a new focus on two private contractors who were apparently directing the brutal sessions that President Obama calls torture.

According to current and former government officials, the CIA's secret waterboarding program was designed and assured to be safe by two well-paid psychologists now working out of an unmarked office building in Spokane, Washington.

Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell, former military officers, together founded Mitchell Jessen and Associates.

Both men declined to speak to ABC News citing non-disclosure agreements with the CIA.

But sources say Jessen and Mitchell together designed and implemented the CIA's interrogation program.

Click here to see Mitchell refusing to talk to ABC News.

Former U.S. officials say the two men were essentially the architects of the CIA's 10-step interrogation plan that culminated in waterboarding.

Associates say the two made good money doing it, boasting of being paid a $1,000 a day by the CIA to oversee the use of the techniques on top al Qaeda suspects at CIA secret sites.

"The whole intense interrogation concept that we hear about, is essentially their concepts," according to Col. Steven Kleinman, an Air Force interrogator.

Both Mitchell and Jessen were previously involved in the U.S. military program to train pilots how to survive behind enemy lines and resist brutal tactics if captured.
(emphasis added)


...and those jackals wrote that article for WHAT?
Money...and the approval of the snobbish hate-mongers, the daisy-chewing geriatric hippies, and the "progressive" elitists in their coffee shops, news rooms, college lounges and jazz clubs in bleu states.

They sure as hell did NOT do it to help the Americans doing the unheralded, unrecognized, unpleasant, deadly dangerous dirty work that (ironically) keeps those ungrateful, unneeded, treasonous jackasses safe in their beds at night.

Needless to say, ross, cole and rhee have now earned their places in the American Traitors Hall of Shame.
Too bad they're not slated for hanging on a Traitor's Gibbet.
...they might as well have painted targets on the backs of those two men...AND their families.

And aren't these newsies the same slavering boobs who were calling for the heads of Bush Administration officials during the 2+ year-long Special Prosecutor witch-hunt for the non-"outing" of the non-undercover, non-spy valerie plame?

(news flash for the uninformed: it wasn't Scooter Libby, it was richard armitage, and chief inquisitor
patrick fitzgerald KNEW that little fact within weeks of the START of that circus!)

This is what the majority of the hypocritical "Western Press" has become.

They not only aid the enemy, they have BECOME the enemy.


MK said...

Bunch of sniveling bastards ey, those media traitors.

I hope those guys sue the ABC for what they've done.

TouchStone said...

To the delusional commenter whose fanciful, lengthy, distrubingly paranoid - and incredibly boring - post I just deleted:

Jill, you're off your medications again, aren't you?