24 November 2009

Busted: Global Hoax

My buddies over at A Western Heart are ahead of me on this, but for those of you who might still actually rely on sauroid life-forms like the mad-scream media to "report news", here's a couple of bulletins for ya:
1. Global warming con-artists have been exposed with their own emails;
2. "Man-Caused Climate Change" is purest manufactured-for-political-ends bullshit;
3. Pharaoh b. hussein obowma STILL expects us to bow to him - like he bowed to the Chinese Premier.

The jackasses in Congress will still insist on passing all the hyper-taxes and wealth redistribution schemes even AFTER the planet knows this is all a scam, so what it comes down to is one question:

What should we do about this?

Get the information out to as many people as you can - the media won't....


Ron Russell said...

I hope these emails knock some sense into the masses who will always follow the path of least resistance. Many thinkers have long known that such predictions as global warming or cooling are beyond the current scientific community abilities. Nevertheless some in that community have insisted they can see far into the future and to make their predictions seem plausable they have even fudged the numbers. Many are beginning to see the folly of all this madness.

Came by way of MK's blog and links. Great looking site.

TouchStone said...

Thanx for the compliment, and good to "meet" ya.