06 December 2009

7 DEC 41 - 7 DEC 09

That quote is from Admiral Yamamoto, 68 years ago.
Pharaoh "Hopey-Changey" needs to learn it, as of yesterday.

We lose nearly a thousand WW2 veterans every day.
There's not too many of them left.
Find one and thank him or her...
...while time remains.

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MK said...

Nice post Touch.

Indeed Elijah, and another one of the things we westerners seem to forget is that after Pearl Harbour America came back faster and stronger than any nation and utterly annihilated their enemy.

Westerners have forgotten how powerful and dangerous we really are and this is not only to our detriment, it is also to the detriment of so many freedom-loving people and nations around the world.