27 July 2011

The Face Of Evil

It's taken me a few days to get a handle on this congenital doorknob, but some observations are in order:

No matter what mental masturbatory processes that dumbass labeled as "thinking", the sick bastard has - at a minimum - accomplished 3 things:

1. Highlighted the suicidally stupid shortcomings of the Norwegian police system (all self-inflicted, via politikal korrektness and its evil twin multiculturalism);

2. Handed the leftist/communist "labor" party the next couple elections in Norway, further guaranteeing their continued decline down the hole of the muslimization of their nation;


3. Also handed the socialist nut-case jihadi-collaborators a "moral equivalency" argument against Christians in the political debate over whether or not we need to hunt down and kill the IslamoFascist terrorists before they murder our kids.

No matter how you slice it, that dumbshit did ABSOLUTELY everything WRONG if he was trying to help SAVE his nation!

And he'll likely get the "maximum" of a 21 year sentence in a prison?
Put his sorry ass in the general population of whatever little candy-coated resort they call a "prison" and maybe the other cons will make sure some REAL Justice gets administered.

And another observation:
Timer-detonated explosives AND over 70 confirmed small arms kills in an hour and a half on that island?
Where did that oxygen thief get his training?!?!?
Whoever taught that asshole to pull off what he did needs to be found.....

Finally, I don't care if that mutt thought he was raiding a Hitler Youth camp or Young Pioneers анклав indoctrinating their empty heads with Uncle Joe Stalin's bullshit - whatever -

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