10 November 2011

Happy Birthday, Marine Corps

"Over 200 years of Tradition, unimpeded by Progress."

That was how a Marine Corps Chaplain described the USMC to a bunch of us Army-types at a class I had at Ft. Knox in 1984.
....yes, they do have preachers (sorta, they're actually Navy personnel, like how the Marines have "medics", who are actually Navy corpsmen).

And I agree with him that it was a COMPLIMENT!




Some things SHOULD NOT be "progressed"

....and that picture is of Gunnery Sergeant Michael "Iron Mike" Burkhardt.
Read his story here:  http://www.cavalrycountry.org/ironmike.htm

Happy Birthday, Leathernecks.

....and many happy returns.
....from your deployments......

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