03 December 2011

Leftist Media Strikes Again

Once more, the jackasses in the media have used innuendo, lies and spin to force a truly conservative candidate - Herman Cain - out of a primary race, and influence an election to further the aspirations of their "chosen one" - King Putt (obama).

...and I STILL haven't seen one shred of evidence of any actual wrong-doing by Cain.......

When are you going to wake the hell up, America, and STOP allowing the socialist-lapdogs of the media to choose who will be our President?
Just how damned well did that work out for us the last time?

Good Luck and God Speed, Herman.

Now, just watch while the media dismantles "professor compromise" gingrich (no, I am not a "newt-onian") and shoves romneycare into the candidacy....because if mitt-ens gets the nod, King Putt gets a second term.

We are in deep shit, America, unless we stop playing the leftist media's game.

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