04 March 2012

Rush Apologizes?!?!?

Alright, so Limbaugh actually APOLOGIZED for calling that phony political hack a "slut"?
What has the world come to?
Anyone that promiscuous (a couple THOUSAND$ for anti-baby protection?) and UNMARRIED, is - by definition - A SLUT.
...and SHE wants ME to pay for HER sexual exploits?

Okay, so she likes to have sex for "recreation", but contraception is too expensive for her to "do" as many as she wants to do.
I like to shoot my rifles for hunting and "recreation", but the ammunition is too expensive for me to shoot as much as I want to shoot.

I'll pay for the slut's pills alright.....AFTER SHE PAYS FOR MY AMMO!

{edited to add}
Add to her list of accomplishments "incompetent liar", since it seems that the university DOES cover "the pill", when it's prescribed for therapeutic medical purposes.

The leftists never fail to overreach. 

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