25 May 2012

Conservative Blogburst on brett kimberlin

This unflushed chunk of fecal matter has a list of crimes that includes forgery, perjury, drug dealing, domestic terrorism and possible murder and child molestation, and currently makes his living shitting on conservative bloggers with bogus lawsuits, death threats, cyber attacks, and other liberal tantrums.
....all aimed at silencing those he disagrees with.
This self-admitted domestic terrorist POS gets money from teresa heinz-kerrì (the bitch wife of treasonous dem-bitch jean-françois kerrì), also the ever-noxious babs streisand, and through the soros-founded, money-laundering "Tides Foundation".
With that money - and in addition to making lawyers rich - this pond scum runs "Velvet Revolution" and "Justice Through Music" - two front groups dedicated to pushing the leftist agenda everywhere he can, as well as supporting the occutards infesting too many American cities.

In honor of the First Amendment, and to stand in solidarity with other conservative bloggers like BlackFive.net, The Blaze, Breitbart, Pat Dollard, Ace-of-Spades, Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, Jawa Report, Pam Geller, Day-By-Day, and many others, I'm joining in the blogburst to make sure as many people as possible find out all there is to know about this leftist operative and his scams....
....and do all we can to expose his supporters and get his sorry-ass operations shut the hell down.

Update:  It looks like the Blaze is doing more investigating on this guy, and Dollard has a post on the cowardly "SWATing" attacks....

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