25 July 2012

The Gelding Gets It Wrong - Again

I actually watched that little exchange last night - congratulate me on NOT throwing a boot through my TV - and once again, the gelding has conclusively demonstrated his utter lack of knowledge regarding ANYTHING military, Constitutional, or even in the same theoretical arena where the rest of us find that oh-so-elusive gem called "common sense".

For more links about just how comprehensively WRONG this jackass was, is, and will continue to be, as well as a very artistic takedown of Fox's premier "independent" commentator (otherwise known as a "douchebag" among people who actually stand on real principles) here's a link to Laughing Wolf's post at BlackFive.net.

...and just why do I call o'reilly "the gelding"?
Simple: he's spent so many years studiously straddling nearly every fence that comes along that he's somehow failed to notice that the barbs on the wire have turned him from a bull to a steer.
(you city-folks can just look that up)

'Nuff Said.

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