31 August 2012

Half-Assed Half-Staff

When the six people were murdered by the neo-nazi oxygen thief at the Sikh temple some weeks ago, good ol' King Putt ordered all flags flown at half-staff for three days - in spite of the fact that none of them were military members or noted American statesmen.

Wrong answer.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing at all against Sikhs - they're good people with an outstanding warrior heritage - but there's this little thing called "tradition".
...for that matter, the flags were ordered to half-staff in honor of the fallen at the BatMan movie killings, too - but at least some of them were military.

According to the relevant U.S. code, it's fine to honor prominent citizens like MLK and other folks like past Presidents, but ordinary folks?

Not by Presidential Proclamation.

To misquote the Bard (from whom I took my handle) "Now here's the damned rub":
The murdered Sikhs got 3 days.
...awright, I'll let that stand.
Neil Armstrong (a Navy flier with an Air Combat medal from the Korean war, later an Air Force test pilot), who was the first man - the first AMERICAN - to set foot on ANY piece of real estate not firmly anchored on planet Earth (specifically, the Moon), passed away last Sunday, and King Putt ordered precisely ONE DAY with America's flags at half-staff in his honor.


Birth certificate or not - it wouldn't change a damned thing if his communist-bitch mother had whelped him INSIDE the Statue of Liberty on a 4th of July! - that jug-eared jackass obama is absolutely NOT AN AMERICAN!

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