09 November 2012

Four More Years Of Winter

Back on 6 Nov 08, I wrote the following on this site:
Sadly, far too many of my predictions came true.
Now, I see on discussion boards comments like these:

"so many sheep"
"who would have thought"
"revolution impossible"...

"They don't NEED to think" - at least that is what King Putt and his merry mob of communists believe of their "constituents" - THEY run on EMOTION, NOT REASON.
Real revolutions come from the ground up - after all, if gun laws were so effective, how do outlaws still get guns?
So logic will conclude that revolutions are NOT impossible - just really tough to win, and even tougher to PICK THE RIGHT TIME TO HAVE ONE.
Or if you really need to have (a violent) one at all.
...and even sheep will turn vicious when they get hungry enough - look at Greece.

Shit-times are a-comin', and it's up to THINKING people to work our way through it.
DO NOT allow emotion to over-rule your reasoning mind.
A THINKING opponent will eventually win over an emotional one.
Think, plan, reason, and coordinate with others who do the same.
...you know the types.

Pick out the cold, calculating strategists, then use logic, reason, patience, tenacity, courage, and FAITH to pick your battles and WIN.
...and this ain't no HollyWeed action movie - we won't win all the time, because (as any combat vet will tell you) THE ENEMY IS ALSO TRYING TO WIN, and (since this ain't a movie) they ALSO get a vote in the outcome.

If it's 50 miles in, it's ab-so-fuckin'-lutely 50 miles back out.
This is a shit-sandwich that's been in the making since teddy roosevelt started the FDA - and now we're ALL gonna have to take big heaping bites and choke this fucker down as much as we can....before old age forces us to hand off the left-overs to our kids.

If we go emotional (translated as "stupid") then our grandkids will curse our names.

.....just after this election, it started snowing - hard - again...we've got over 8 inches, and still coming, with a low tonight around zero, maybe a little below.

It's going to be another four years of hard winter.
I intend to get my family - and my nation - through it.
...then the rebuilding will have to start.
But only if we fight smart.


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