15 January 2013

GAME TIME: Compare And Contrast

".....al-Qaida is defeated....", spoken the SAME DAY U.S. deaths in A'stan reach 2000.
{helpful hint:  as a DIRECT RESULT OF the restrictive R.O.E. (R.ules O.f E.ngagement - when we can and cannot shoot) tying the hands of OUR troops, MORE Americans have died under the past 4 years of King Putt's regime than the previous SEVEN years under Bush 43.}

".....al-Qaida is defeated...."

F16's and M1A1's to Egypt
He also wants to GIVE 20 of those flyee-zoomie thingies, AND over 200 of these rollie-boomie thingies to the muslim-"brotherhood" thugs in Egypt.

{helpful hint:  that's YOUR tax-money going to help the murdering bastards of the parent organization of the al-Qaida murdering bastards}

{{BONUS helpful hint:  the F16 and the M1A1 are two of the most advanced weapons systems on the planet}}

EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION:  AT WHOM - precisely - will those implements of destruction be AIMED?
{final helpful hint:  Their flag bears the "Star of David".}

".....al-Qaida is defeated...."

".....al-Qaida is defeated...."

Now that same individual wants to TAKE the weapons AWAY from law-abiding Americans.

Any questions, class?

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