09 March 2013

Sequestration Consequences

The "Armageddon-like" consequences of last week's budget sequestration - which was ONLY a cut in the RATE OF GROWTH of the FedGov's spending addiction - has had a very LIMITED, TARGETED impact on real people.
...and those unfortunates are ONLY the ones that King Putt himself has SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATED for personal inconvenience and financial hardship.
....like the cut to tuition assistance for Soldiers and Marines seeking to better themselves through education (which ALSO impacts their prospects for promotion).

I think we should return the favor.
After all, AirForce One - King Putt's personal, private airliner - is still Air Force PROPERTY.

Wouldn't it be a real shame if we had to slap a parking-boot on it and GROUND THAT SUCKER, due to those "catastrophic" cuts?
...oh, and Marine One - his personal chopper - is military equipment, too........

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