27 April 2013

He Said "God BLESS Them???"

{video from WeeklyStandard.com}

As of Friday morning, that sorry-assed excuse for a human "Chief Executive" is now the FIRST SITTING PRESIDENT of the United States to address a black mass "convention" of the baby-murdering 'planned (un)parenthood' slitches.

That jug-eared jackass congratulated those self-absorbed zombies on their decades of slaughtered innocents, and he pledged continued tax-payer-money "support" for their pogrom of infanticide through their network of bloody abortion-mills.

Not only that, but at the end of his 12-minute litany of bald-faced lies, that son-of-a-communist-bitch (don't blush, that's the literal truth) had the unmitigated gall to utter the words, "God bless you" to that coven of blood-thirsty ghouls!

You can NOT make this shit up.
...and there is undoubtedly a VERY special place in Hell for King Putt, right alongside all those other creatures who sacrifice children to the false idol of "progressivism".

If you want to sign a petition against tax-payer funding for abortions, go to LibertyAction.org

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