09 June 2013

WHAT 4th Amendment?

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With our own National Security Agency collecting all kinds of data on us, it's been confirmed that "Big Brother" is here - just 29 years later than was predicted by George Orwell - it's called "PRISM".

The bureaucraps in D.C. have been doing everything they can to subvert, side-step, twist, restrict, and flat-out ignore the Bill of Rights - particularly our 2nd and 1st Amendment rights - but now they've decided that they don't need to worry about pissing all over our 4th Amendment rights, either.

Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I'm no lawyer, but it seems pretty clear to me that they can't just throw out a net on the 'Net and the phone system (which includes pretty much ALL of us) and gather up all the intel they're stashing.

Probable Cause?
ANY actual description of WHAT they intend to seize?
(...besides just about everything, by the looks of it.)

Hell, no.

Given the latest spate of scandals by the DOJ, IRS, State Department, and various sundry other agencies, such as the "Fast'n'Furious" gun-running, Syria gun-running, the Benghazi stand-down orders that got good men dead, the IRS persecuting conservative groups which very likely changed the outcome of the last election...and on and on....
(Notice that they are ALL Executive Branch, meaning they are under King Putt's direct control.)

Let's just say that I am disinclined to trust ANYTHING about this misAdministration's claims to "innocence".

Methinks King Putt doth protest too much....

Sure, they SAY they're still "constrained by law", BUT considering how they have demonstrably BROKEN said laws (in spirit, if not in as yet unproven fact), just how far should WE trust them, and just how much of our Constitution are YOU going to allow them to shred?

Now, just what are they grabbing?

They ALREADY know WHO we are, WHERE we live, HOW MUCH we make, whatever MEDICAL CONDITIONS we have (thanks to obamacare), what we DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD, STREAM AND SCAN, what we BUY (and where and how much and when), WHOM we call (or calls us), WHERE we (our cell phone) IS at any given time, where our CARS ARE (if you unfortunately have the On-Star system, or a GPS in your vehicle), they're tracking our debit cards, credit cards, and bank transactions (which are ALL electronic and on the internet), as well as each and every one of your CHARITY CONTRIBUTIONS (did you claim them on your taxes?), and finally what we believe in and what we stand for (the websites we visit, our emails, newsletters and ezines we subscribe to)......

So, seriously, do you REALLY trust that crew of criminals in D.C. with all that intel on YOU?

Consider this:
Just precisely WHO gets to define who is (or is not) a "terrorist"?

"Big Sis" janet napolitano's Homeland Security Department has previously specified veterans, evangelicals, pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment advocates, and many others as people whom they need to keep an eye on.

...and King Putt has already killed American citizens overseas with drone strikes.
Granted, anwar al-awlaki and his like are traitors, and since they fight with and for the enemy they qualify as vermin to be exterminated, but the fact remains that AS LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS (like it or not, and I DO NOT like it) they DO have certain rights under our Constitution.
(research John Adams and his DEFENSE of the British soldiers accused of murder for the deaths of colonials in the Boston Massacre of 1770)

And don't even get me started on that straw-man about how they're ONLY using PRISM to "catch terrorists".
Didn't do much to stop the OTHER Boston massacre at the marathon back in April, did it?

Are we a nation of laws, or are we ruled by imperial whim from the Oval Office?

So I have to ask, just how much of a stretch is it to have them dropping drone strikes here in America?
...I don't care for the likely answer to that question.

Think I'm joking about all this?
Here's a test.
Do a web search - on YOUR name - now think about some pale cubicle-gnome in D.C. getting an order from Big Sis or King Putt to do that exact same thing on all the data THEY HAVE ALREADY GATHERED ON YOU.

You comfortable with that?

Welcome to King Putt's idea of "transparency" - a "transformed America" where HE keeps his secrets, and he knows ALL of yours.

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