27 August 2013

A Monkey's Foreign Policy

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Isn't it just the least bit odd that here in America - where the freedom of speech is codified in our Bill of Rights - it's not "politikally korrekt" to call a spade a spade, while over in what used to be the Soviet Union they've got a politician who actually NAILS what the idiots in Washington, D.C. are doing in North Africa and the Middle East.

Think about that - in the land of the tzars (where people used to hide in bathrooms with the water running to talk about things that could otherwise get them a one-way ticket to a Siberian gulag) Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has very accurately stated what it is that the perpetually inept King Putt and his Merry Band of Socialist Looters are doing with their insane idea of "foreign policy".

...which would be laughable except for all the people dying from it.

Consider:  the bloody tyrant of Syria, bashr al-assad, has ALL the tanks, ALL the planes, ALL the choppers, PLUS the support of Russia, AND the savages of Hizballah, AND the Mad Mullahs who run terror-central Iran.
...plus, some say, the WMD's which so "mysteriously" evaporated from Saddam's Iraq.
His Syrian army has been - at the very - least holding their own against the al-Qaida-affilliated, Muslim-Brotherhood-supported, Catholic-bishop-beheading, Christian-murdering, obama-armed and -supported "free Syrian army", whose greatest weapon innovation is a big grenade-launching SLING SHOT:

(can't make that shit up, can we?)

THOSE jackasses are the ones who have SO terrified bashr al-assad that suddenly HE is scared stupid enough to actually use chemical weapons to defeat them.

Now, with the likely attack on hundreds of people - many of them children - with a poison gas weapon (they're speculating it's a nasty nerve agent called Sarin), the twerps in D.C. are IMMEDIATELY blaming assad, and using that as an excuse to become the air-arm of those al-Qaida "rebels" (just like they did for the same terrorist-loving "rebels" in Libya).

Leaving aside the tactical insanity of wasting that kind of mass-casualty-producing weaponry on anything less than a huge concentration of proven rebel fighters, why the hell would he hand the world such an obvious hammer to hit him with?

In what sane world is the well-armed, well-supported bashr al-assad stupid enough to pop a nerve agent when he KNOWS it will be used by the fools in D.C. as an excuse to start launching Tomahawks?

...uh, yeah....he very probably would NOT be that suicidally stupid.

Which leaves the al-Qaida-affilliated "rebels" as the ones who would have the most to gain (meaning: America's considerable air power and guided missiles) using the simple expedient of pulling a false-flag op and shitting some chemical weapons on a bunch of otherwise innocent civilians and children.

IF those terrorist "rebels" are NOT playing him like a fiddle, it could only be because he's a tool for the Muslim Brotherhood.

obama in the Middle East is a PROVEN "monkey with a hand grenade". 

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