15 August 2014

newsies go wall-to-wall on Ferguson? SERIOUSLY???

So they've got punks with MOLOTOV'S that they call "protesters".
(you don't just ACCIDENTALLY happen to bring A FUCKIN' GASOLINE BOMB to a "protest"!)
They've got LOOTERS busting into shops and stealing from business owners who had precisely NOTHING to do with the kid getting shot.
(except, perhaps, having been robbed by him)
They've got cops in riot gear with armored cars and snipers. 
(given the molotov's, seems they NEED those snipers)
...and then the racist vultures jesse jackson, al sharpton, and the new black pussies slither into town to try to jump in front of willing cameras to stir things up some more.
....and make some money, of course....

So naturally, ALL the "news" networks go wall-to-wall with it.

Have the vermin of ISIS stopped beheading Christians in Iraq?
Have the Hamas-holes (h/t Mark Levin) stopped firing rockets at Israel and stepped out from hiding behind their kids?
Did Tsar vladimir the Worst give up on Ukraine?
Have all those illegal aliens from Central America crossed our border going back SOUTH?
Did the shits of Boko Haram give back the girls they kidnapped?
Has anybody heard of the al Shabab cockroaches from Somalia going back into Kenya to REBUILD a mall?
Is the criminal IRS gang still operating?
Did I miss eric holder being arrested for the Fast'n'Furious gun-running fiasco?
...when did Lil' King Putt come off the golf course and resign in abject disgrace before walking one-way into an ocean?
(anybody get video of that?)

But the shit in Ferguson gets 24-a-day coverage.

The world has gone comprehensively bat-shit crazy, and the so-called media is interviewing the doctors while the lunatics run the asylum.

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