13 December 2014

Hanging A "Kick Me" Sign On Americans

Once again, Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive.net lights-up the leftist turncoats - this time over the way the democraps "released" their "report" about the CIA and the way America supposedly "tortured" captured terrorists.

....yeah, I've got a REAL problem trying to shed any tears over the shits who hit us on 9/11...and wanted to do so again.

Those CongressCritters ORDERED the spooks to do a shitty, near-impossible job, and they did it.
Those political chimps WERE briefed on what they did.
And now those committee-roaches - for mere POLITICS - are damping their pampers about HOW they did it.
....and putting targets on the backs of every American - again.

Time for an Article V Convention, because those mutts in D.C. are NOT going to unfuck themselves.

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