10 June 2021

Bullshit and Bioweapons


Ain't it curious that China - because of their infamous "one child policy" - now has (had?) way too many old people (and overloaded, state-funded pension and medical systems) and not enough babies to grow up and help support those systems.

Next, "miraculously", here comes a virus that targets the old and sick (non-productive mouths) but leaves the young virtually untouched....

Then - when the virus got out, likely in October 2019 - the ChiComs "rushed" out a vax.
A woman virologist (now conveniently dead) who had been working for the PLA, applied for the patent on that vax in February 2020...only FOUR months later....

Nevermind that "doc" fauci and a virologist named peter daszak have been in it up to their squinty eyes for years, working with and providing funding for (courtesy of the AMERICAN taxpayers) the biolab in Wuhan to explore "gain of function research" (make a bad bug worse) - all because OBAMA had made such research illegal here in America.  

(do you see what I see?)

And now the release of a bunch of fauci's emails has him and daszak scrambling like roaches on a hot skillet, trying to cover the fact that they had a hand in the creation of a world-wide pandemic that's killed millions.

Occam's Razor is screaming "bullshit" on all those "bats-in-a-wet-market" stories.

I'm thinking the china virus was actually a bioweapon being developed by the ChiCom PLA, but it got away from them before they were ready - otherwise they would have already had a vax prepped to protect their own troops, now, wouldn't they?
....change my mind......

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