17 September 2021

18 Sep Rally....really?


Just to be clear, I spent over half my adult life wearing the uniform, defending the Constitution, so I am a HUGE fan of the Bill of Rights.
The Right "PEACEABLY to assemble" in the 1st Amendment is one of the keystones of our Republic.

Considering what happened to some of the people from that 6 January "insurrection" (isn't it odd that they never brought any actual firearms for that purpose?) who are STILL in jail - some in solitary confinement - it's obvious that the pukes running the FedGov have slipped their Constitutional leash.

They no longer give a damn about the Constitution - doesn't seem like they have for many years, now.

For that matter - as Sheryl Attkisson points out in this article - there's a LOT of evidence that those people are not only wrongly imprisoned, but might in fact have been the victims of a false flag op by the FBI...just look at all the "unindicted co-conspirators" that AREN'T rotting in the D.C. gulag - makes you wonder, doesn't it?

...shades of the great "Michigan Governor kidnapping scam", don'cha think?

As in, just how many people were in on that plot when a dozen of 'em were FBI plants?

The people still stuck in that D.C. jail NEED to have their day in court - ya know, that whole habeus corpus thingy? - but I've got a sneaking hunch that the "rally" tomorrow will end up putting more people IN that jail than getting any of the others out.

It's quite likely that benedict biden's handlers (look, it's obvious that he can't even navigate the complexities of reading a teleprompter, much less handle the job of the most powerful leader in the free world!) have figured out that they need more smoke to cover the truly EPIC FAIL of the Asscrackistan exfil, leaving Americans and Afghans to the "tender mercies" (warning: that site isn't for weak stomachs) of the taliban.

...not to mention the Constitutional-definition of TREASON they committed by handing over a fully functional air base (and the most advanced in the region), as well as $80+billion in weapons, ammo, armored vehicles, aircraft and choppers, uniforms and body armor, night vision equipment, gps and computer gear, and secure radios - nearly all of which will have samples ending up in the hands of the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians for them to use to crack our systems and/or replicate for their own use.....

Their new "mask mandates" announcement failed to fully shove the worst treason in American History out of the headlines - as well as:
> increasing inflation (filled your gas tank lately?),

> a flood of illegals from nearly all nations coming over our southern border,

> the fact that they had to admit that in response to our murdered troops at the Kabul airport they accidentally droned an innocent aid worker and his family,

> "general" (political animal) milley's treasonous calls (yes, more than one!) to General Li of the PLA,

> the fact that they're trying to take our guns, raise our taxes, and usurp control of our elections to insure one-party (their's) rule over this nation.
..well, at least until the ChiCom party finally takes over completely.

They desperately need ANOTHER "Reichstag Incident" like 6 January to make their rabid followers froth anew, and the 18 September "rally" would be the perfect excuse they need to take over the news cycle again while they quietly try to shove more tyranny down our throats.

You couldn't pay me to go to that event tomorrow - doesn't the fact that they're ALREADY calling in troops and walling-off the perimeter tell you what they're planning?
There's other ways to work at taking back control of our government...like hiring better lawyers for those poor fools in the D.C. gulag, for starters.....

Just remember, you won't beat a monster by feeding it.

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