15 August 2007

Doin' The Media's Job

>>Pic from TownHall.com

Got this one on a tip from the Mudville Gazette - http://www.mudvillegazette.com/ - which had a link to this Stars & Stripes article:


Bear in mind the fact that one of the key features of the Surge not is to merely kick the muj's out of neighborhoods then keep a presence there....

There is ALSO the (anticipated) consequence of the local Iraqis getting a much-needed boost to their morale and confidence.

80 armed Iraqis forcing their way into a mosque to find the punks responsible for the deaths of a couple kids?

Then callin' in the IRAQI Army?
...uh, for any of you kum-bye-yah liberalite types that might have taken a wrong turn and ended up readin' this blog, that translates to:

...which is why you WON'T see this in the terrorist-collaboratin' media.

Sucks to be a democrap, don't it?


KG said...

Hi there TouchStone.
O/T I know, but I just posted the comment you left over at A Western Heart on Crusader Rabbit as a post. Hope that's ok--if not, I'll take it down.

A Western ChickenHeart said...

Yeh, A Western Heart was founded by a "Special Forces veteran of Afghanistan, Iraq and Timor", so they've got some cred. Shame it was all total shit, and the closest contributor they've got to actual military service was a reservist in the '60s. Still a damn sight better than falsely claiming service.

KG said...

Sigh.....get a fucking life, loser.

MK said...

You better enable comment moderation TouchStone, this loser is desperate for some attention and won't go away, this one has to be escorted to the door.

TouchStone said...

Thanks for the tip, MK, but some creatures are so small that they can only make themselves feel "big" by tearing down others.

More than a quarter-century ago, I swore to "support and defend" the inalienable right of people to make jackasses of themselves, and I couldn't very well "bear true faith and allegiance to the same" if I deleted every punk-ass remark.

awc is obviously one of those...
Plus, he/she/it/undecided has the dubious honor of making the "Dud Round" list - a new feature of my site...call it a DIShonor roll.

I'll let the peevishness and pettiness of that comment speak for itself, since it does not speak well of its author....

MK said...

No worries Touchstone, we don't really mind, i hope he gets that blog going, then we can have an anti-AWH site for once. In the blogosphere it's a sign of achievement when leftists setup websites opposing us conservatives, means we're puttin' a hurtin' on their asses.

Thanks chicken boy, we'll keep up the good work.

Oswald Bastable said...

That cartooon reminds me of the highlight of a major exercise back in 1980.

Member of the press vs a 113!

No prizes for guessing who came second!