13 August 2007

Illegal Molesters

That sorry sack of shit in the pic is Jose Carranza, an ILLEGAL ALIEN who is accused of the triple-murder in New Jersey.

He was ALSO indicted - on 31 counts! - for raping a 5 year-old girl, and an assault charge from a bar fight - and no, I don't do that "allegedly" bullshit...not with 31 counts....

At any rate, that makes TWO chances that the Newark, NJ authorities had to kick that son of a bitch out of the country BEFORE he killed three people....
...except that Newark is a "sanctuary city".

Look, here's the deal:
If you or I get pulled over for a burned-out brakelight, the cops run our name, SSN, and shoe size through their magic little computers - the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) - and in only a few minutes, they know if you've got any outstanding warrants pending...and if you do, they run your ass in......

Two chances, and the NJ cops/courts DIDN'T find out that fucker is an ILLEGAL ALIEN?!?!?
....actually, I bet they did, but........"sanctuary city".........

So three people paid for that little piece of liberalite bullshit with their lives, not to mention a little girl having her whole life scarred because that bastard wasn't already DEPORTED!

How about this, America:
You get pulled over or run in for ANY-DAMNED-THING, and you HAVE TO PROVE CITIZENSHIP!
If they can find dead-beat dads and 2 year-old parking tickets, how tough would it be?
Not tough at all.

As for those dumbshit liberalites and their "sanctuary city" insanity?
Let those bastards try to run their social-engineering crap WITHOUT FEDERAL MONEY!

...and yeah, people gettin' dead because of liberalite bullshit DOES piss me the hell off......


MK said...

If it's any consolation touchstone, at least in America you guys will give this fellow the needle or a lot of free electricity. In other places, he'd be out in 20 years or 30 tops.

TouchStone said...

Sadly, not always.
There's a number of states that don't do the death penalty any more.

...and then they have the audacity to act surprised when the violent crime rate goes up.