22 August 2007

The guys over at BlackFive are puttin' out a call for support for a "media surge" - in other words, askin' people like you and me to pitch in with the war on the Propaganda Front...or, as they call it, a "Surge" in the Information War:

I hope everyone who reads this will find some way - money, blogs, emails, whatever - to help our troops on THEIR battlefield by enlisting HERE, on the MEDIA BATTLEFIELD!

This is an old song that I've been singin' for a couple years, now, as evidenced by the following:

I also beat that particular drum in my "Five Fronts" analysis from last year:

Long story short: The Surge is workin' on the battlefield, thanks to the dedication, sacrifice and courage of our troops....

Are WE gonna let them down on the homefront by allowing the leftists to continue their jihad against them in the media without even a challenge?

I'm not.

What about you?

Added Bonus:
How well is the Surge working?

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri (that putz with the red mustache, Saddam's former #2 man!) has appearantly turned on al-Qaida and is now working with US!
>hat-tip to Bill Roggio's "Fourth Rail", via Pat Dollard's site.
What? You DON'T have those two bookmarked already...?

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KG said...

Done. They deserve all the support we can muster.