18 August 2007

Socialized Quads?

>pic from TownHall.com

I had to go to an information seminar for retirees at Ft. Harrison today, to get my new wife and the kids new dependant ID cards and take care of all the paperwork, so I packed up the family and hauled 'em up to Helena.

After the classes and such, I took the family to a fast food joint for chow, then went outside for a cigar while they were finishing up - 24 years of "eat now, taste later" in mess halls has made me a much faster eater than they are. LOL

I saw this story about the Calgary Quads on the front page of one of the local papers in the vending machines - I refuse to give money to the liberalites runnin' most of the newsrags here in Montana, so I don't read 'em much - but the GF Trib is better than the rest.

One thought came to mind immediately: if socialized medicine is so damned superior to our hick capitalistic system, why Great Falls instead of Calgary?

The answer is as simple as it is obvious - self-interest.

People want the best for themselves.

Patients want the best care.
Healthcare professionals want the same thing, AND that includes making money, too.
One drives the other.
Remove the profit-motive from the professionals, and the wheels come off the system.
...just ask the (now defunct) Soviet Union how well socialism worked for them.
Human Nature, old as Time itself.

Then there's that little buggaboo about how you can make anything LESS efficient by saddling it with a few thousand needless, redundant regulations - serviced by a few thousand needless, redundant bureaucraps whose primary motivation is their OWN self-interest - namely, justifying the existance of their own jobs.
...and that is yet another thing that bloated bureaucraps CANNOT allow themselves to understand, since such clarity of thought would force them to commit richly-deserved career suicide as they resigned in droves because of terminal self-loathing.

Thus, there's 4 new kids in the world - born in a capitalist hospital because the socialist hospital in their native land was desperately inadequate for the task.

Remember that the next time you hear a liberalite preaching the wonders of socialism.
It don't work.

Side Note:
I saw an M-60 tank on a concrete pad set up on the lawn at Ft. Harrison.
NOTHING will make ya feel older than seeing a piece of military equipment - that you originally trained to go to war in as a young recruit - set up as a "museum display" on post....


KG said...

The comment about the museum piece made me laugh! Every time I see an FN 7.62 rifle it gives me a twinge of nostalgia, but even the guy in the local gun shop describes them as "ancient".
Still a fine weapon though, imho.
As for socialised medicine, New Zealand is a good example. For every dollar spent on nurses and doctors, they must spend at least three on "Health Bureaucrats".

Oswald Bastable said...

A few pieces of the gear I used to work on and 'Souvinered' are now in the local military museum.

After a 20 year break, I got on the trigger of a restored FN , a few months ago. I'm sure that the rifle was much lighter back in the seventies!

KG said...

lol! It was, Oswald, it was.
Don't believe the lies about it being only 9+lbs.
On a side note, I still reckon 7.62 is a far better calibre than the poodleshooter 5.56

Oswald Bastable said...

I shot a 3/4 inch group at 100 yards with my SLR on basic training.

It's taken me until last year to beat that!

I have a .50 muzzle-stuffer to and that ain't a museum-piece!

KG said...

Nice shooting.

KG said...

I just put up a pic taken 18 months ago--the last two rounds I had, unfortunately.

MK said...

It's the same in Australia, the leftie governments have put millions upon millions into the healthcare system, in the UK as well, but we still have long waiting periods, full emergency rooms etc.

It's the idea of free healthcare that's the problem, no matter what government you have, it'll always be a failure, but unfortunately i do not think that people will ever accept that.

TouchStone said...

The left is allergic to facts and logic.

Consider: how many examples do they need before they realize that the best way to frag something up is to let the government get hold of it?

My "old .50" Hawken is a replica, but I can put two rounds into the bottom of a beer can at 150 paces.

...On the spool-up for Iraq in '04, I was packin' a brand-new, fresh-outta-the-cosmoline (I know, 'cause I cleaned it!) M4 carbine. Sure, the 5.56 is a "varmint-round", but ya do what ya can with what you're issued.

...and the last time I qual'd with it on a pop-up range - 50 to 300 meters, standard "E-type" silhouettes - I dropped 40 panels with 40 rounds.

Growin' up a hunter tends to have that effect.

Not the same thing as when they're runnin', duckin' and shootin' back - but I still like to brag some about that score.

I don't talk about when I fired for real except for two things:
I never fired burst, and I didn't miss very often.