12 September 2007


(The young airborne trooper obviously paid attention in his SERE classes. He's flashing the hand-signal for "coersion". Damned smart soldier.)

hellary cliton shows her desperation to win over the lunatic liberalites who might mistakenly still believe that she's "not leftist enough":

Yeah. Sure.

That's like sayin' Karl Marx "wasn't communist enough"....

After those circus "hearings" in front of those insulting, ignorant, arrogant, insufferable, JACKASS politicians, I do believe that GEN Petraeus has given us all a definitive example of self-control, restraint, and professionalism.

...in contrast to the hypocrisy, lies and insults of the oxygen-thief CongressCritters who tried to smear him.

Personally, I'd be in jail right now - after jumping the table and doing America a favor by clubbing those traitorous liberalite elitists up-side their pointy little heads with a chair or three until the Capitol police hauled me away....
That officer deserves a "Meritorious Self-Control Medal" for remaining so cool under such a withering barrage of bullshit.
I would have just ripped them all a whole mess of new assholes.
You're a better man than I am, sir.

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