11 September 2007

9/11/2007 - Contrasts

Six years, since 19 terrorists brought the wake-up call to this nation that we were at war.

Six years, and over 50 million people in two nations no longer crushed under the most brutal tyranny.

Six years, and zero successful attacks on this nation by the terrorists.

Six years, and undeniable, measurable progress is being made in Iraq.

Six years, and 90% of Americans have sacrificed nothing...except the inconvenience of longer airport check-ins.

Six years, and just over 3,000 Americans have sacrificed all.

Six years, and the general who commands our troops in Iraq is the subject of a full page ad in the NYSlimes - paid for by moveon.org - accusing him of betrayal.

Six years, and sitting CongressCritters call that general a liar in Congressional hearings.

Six years of victory overseas.

Six years for the democrat party to forget 9/11 and push for defeat.

SIXTY years from today, what will history say?
...in Dante's "Inferno", the lowest pit in Hell was for traitors.




MK said...

I agree TS, disgusting lot they are.

TouchStone said...

Now there ya go bein' diplomatic.

"Disgusting" is what you call a big bug splat on your windshield.

The liberalites are rattlesnakes masquerading as the family pet.

KG said...

The current crop of politicians demonstrate one thing perfectly..
"scum rises to the top"