30 September 2007

A Last Favor For An Old Friend

The sun was shining and a light wind was in our faces.

We had a nice view of "My Mountain" and the weather was cool but nice.

He had a belly full of elk steak and cool water, and we'd been walking in some trees before I sat down and he plunked down beside me.

Neck-scratchin', belly-rubbin', and he was leaning against my leg as he lay there. We stayed there for quite some time, just two best friends enjoying the afternoon.

I'd pulled the hammer back on my pistol before he even came over so he wouldn't hear it.

The last words he heard were, "...such a good boy...."

The cancer had already killed him.
My bullet merely laid him to rest.

See ya on the Other Side, old friend....


MK said...

Aw TS, that's rough man, i had to do something similar many moons ago when i was a kid. Just some animal i came upon i knew wasn't going to make it, didn't think to call a grown up, just knew i had to do it.

He'll be waitin for you on the other side..

Oswald Bastable said...

It's a real test of character to do what needs to be done yourself...

Sabra said...

Guess I don't know that a bullet would cause no pain. I certainly hope not. Having never been around a gun [and there is a good reason – I’d shoot my own self – you don’t give a woman that is afraid of guns a gun!]...

Understand the situation however, and have done the same in the past for our Baby Sarge when the cancer was beyond controlling and The Boy was showing signs of suffering. We were fortunate that the vet came to our house to put Sergeant to rest, peacefully and finally.

My thoughts are with you and your Old Friend... May He Rest In Peace.

KG said...

Good for you, TS. And good to see someone with the courage to do what needs to be done.
A sad day though.