02 October 2007

MacBeth, Hypocrisy And Betrayal

>>The war goes on - time to get my head back into the game:

Much like his sick namesake, jesse macbeth is nothing more than a treasonous back-stabber.

"...bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...."

If you haven't heard already, that PHONY SOLDIER is the center of a shit-storm of controversy involving such diverse people as Michelle Malkin, george soros, hellary cliton's front group "media matters", Rush Limaugh, harry reid, tom harkin (hell, most of Congress!), moveon.org, abc news, and even - by having been targetted by moveon - GEN Petraeus, the CO for our troops in Iraq.

I was thinking of doing a blog on this, since I've been seeing all kinds of crap flyin' on the 'net about that shitbird and the ruckus his phony ass has caused, but the best run-down I've found - with links to the relevant articles - was done by "Greyhawk" at the Mudville Gazette, a collective blogspot for milbloggers:

macbeth claimed to have been a SP4, and an Army Ranger, and to have received a Purple Heart, and an Iraq war vet, AND to have participated in atrocities...which made him a sudden poster child for the anti-war nuts.
...VERY much in the mold of jean-françois kerrì who ALSO lied about his military records, led anti-war protests, and later got into politics.
(I wonder if that was what macbeth was aiming at....?)

Michelle Malkin on her website first exposed the punk LAST YEAR when he posted a vid on the web...I remember being pissed as hell over it when I saw it, because the nutless twit was as ate-up as a soup sandwich! The little puke didn't even know HOW to wear the uniform, much less have ANY right to wear it - because the dickhead WASHED OUT AFTER ONLY 44 DAYS OF BASIC TRAINING!
...that means no full boot camp, no Infantry School, no trip to Ranger School, no trip to Iraq, no chance to get wounded for a PH, and the ONLY "atrocity" he's guilty of is perpetrating this whole SHAM just to get his punk ass his 15 minutes of fame!

Next, abc news did an exposè about 8 phony soldiers - and the results of their PROSECUTION in the state of Washington for false claims with the VA - last Monday.

Apparently last Tuesday, Limbaugh on his radio show was talking to a caller and made a reference to "phony soldiers" that end up as idols of the anti-war idiots. He was referring to macbeth, who - according to Limbaugh - had just been given 5 months jail time for claiming to be a veteran.

THAT is where cliton's front group "media matters" - funded by far-left multimillionaire and congenital liberalite george soros - comes into it. They began raising a stink about how Limbaugh - who actually WENT to Afghanistan (an old buddie of mine who was there emailed me about it) - had supposedly called ALL anti-war Iraq vets "phony soldiers".

Of course, the liberalite media pounced all over it, and then the scum in Congress had to get into it as more ammo in their continued war against our troops.....oh, and the war.....

harry "The war is lost" reid - who voted AGAINST a measure to condemn the moveon.org ad (also funded by soros) smearing GEN Petraeus - showcased his falsified "patriotism" by sponsoring a Senate condemnation of Limbaugh. Also jumping on the bandwagon was Senator tom harkin who had to get his 2 cents' in as well - DESPITE the inconvenient fact that he had to ADMIT that HE lied about his OWN war record....he never flew any combat missions over Viet Nam, but had said that he did......
How's THAT for ballsy?
...and reeking of hypocrisy.....

And now I see on Drudge that Limbaugh is calling for REID TO RESIGN!

On top of everything else, the FACTS are all DOCUMENTED - most of them on video! - and they ALL support that talk-show host!

What it comes down to is simple:
The anti-troop/anti-war pukes all ask "how high?" when soros says "jump"; they are more than willing to be hypocrites, liars and charlatans - and use the same to advance their agenda - all in order to insure they gain mere political advantage in the elections next year.
...and they don't give a rat's ass about the troops or their morale or their reputation, which they drag through the mud every chance they get.

No wonder they get so bent out of shape when anyone questions their all-too-public-LACK of "patriotism".
They have none, so the truth REALLY hurts - their agenda, that is...they HAVE no conscience.

Sucks to be a liberalite, these days.

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MK said...

Patriotism is not the only thing they lack TS, morals, none what so ever, that way you can never accuse them of hypocrisy.

The left hate talk radio, it has been the bane of their lives for so long, they'll do anything, even sell their own mothers to bury talk radio.