22 September 2007


Friday, 21 SEP 07 was National POW/MIA Recognition Day.
Over 100,000 remain MIA after WW2.
Less than 2,000 remain MIA after Viet Nam.
Only Capt. Michael Speicher (US Navy pilot) remains MIA after Gulf 1.0.
Four are currently MIA in Iraq.

(h/t TankerBrothers)

SPC Ahmed al-Taie, US Army Reserve, Michigan.
PFC Keith "Matt" Maupin, 724th Transportation.
SPC Alex Jimenez, 10th Mountain Division.
PVT Byron Fouty, 10th Mountain Division.

Also "missing" was ANY coverage of the day - or these men - in the "main stream" media.


KG said...

Touch, I doubt the MSM is even aware of it.
A bunch of memebots who know stuff-all and care even less about the military and their families.
Arrogant pricks.

MK said...

Here, here KG.

Thanks for posting this TS, you have informed us about it. May they find peace wherever they are.

TouchStone said...

Amen, brothers.