06 September 2007


Following-up on the previous post:

Since the time of the mythical Sinbad - if nothing else, the people of the Middle East have understood the concept of commerce....money.

(h/t to Pat Dollard's excellent site)

After President Bush "called for a meeting" with Nouri al-Maliki ("summoned", make no mistake about it) in the Sunni province of AL-ANBAR, the Iraqi PM knew he had to do something as a follow-up with the sheikhs there.

The Arabic people ALSO understand the concept of levering an ally - however reluctant - into DOING something.

Thus, al-Maliki made the decision to dump some much-needed money on HIS "new allies".

There's also the added bonus that now the dumb-as-craps don't know whether to shit or go blind when it comes to desperately trying to spin the undeniable successes of the Surge into "don't blame us" failures - http://washingtontimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070906/NATION/109060064/1001

...while the media junkie from NY chuckie schumer went even further - VIRTUALLY ACCUSING AMERICAN TROOPS OF INCOMPETENCE: http://hughhewitt.townhall.com/blog/g/eea3ae1d-0b6e-41a4-b52c-47caedade982

I've got one word for those jackass liberalite defeat-o-crats: Treason.

We need rope....lots of rope....and some good, strong tree branches......
UPDATE: Just found a more complete text of chuckie's little anti-troops diatribe at "Sweetness 'n Light" - INCLUDING the traitorous puke gettin' caught "editing" his words:
Hypocrisy, thy name is liberalite.


MK said...

I like that idea about lots of rope for the democrats.

KG said...

"We need rope....lots of rope....and some good, strong tree branches......"
You bet. And in Australia and New Zealand and Britain...in fact, all over the est.
We can't win this fight until we accept the simple fact that the left are traitors and allies of islam.

KG said...

"West" that is