10 October 2007


Tonight's entry is a bit different from the previous ones, since it's mostly from OEF (Afghanistan), but once you've watched it, you'll see why I decided to post it.

It's a video - "gun-camera" footage - and the first 3/4th's is of an AC-130 raining ALL OVER some muj's parades.

The AC-130 is a standard Hercules transport aircraft, highly modified with direct fire weapons and sophisticated targetting systems that shoot from the port side of the plane. Those guns are a 105mm cannon (the same as found on older tanks like the M60-series and the original M1's) and a 40mm Bofors gun, but can also include a 25mm gatling gun.

...all of which can make for a VERY bad day (or night) for the bad guys....

For those unfamiliar with the technology, the camera was filming through a thermal sight - which interprets differences in the temperature of objects and translates it to visuals. Thermal sights have two modes: White Hot and Black Hot - useful in differing conditions - where you can switch the display to whichever provides the best view.

In the first couple minutes, the thermal is set to white hot, thus the terrorists - and the explosions - show up white. In the middle part, it's black hot. In the last couple minutes, it's mostly airstrikes - JDAMs, rockets and other munitions - likely from strike fighter aircraft since Spectres don't carry actual bombs.

...and there's an AC/DC sound-track (added later), so turn up the volume....... http://patdollard.com/2007/10/10/ac130-theater-acdc-meets-ac130-meets-running-terrorists/

Sure beats slogging it on the ground.
....damn, maybe I should've joined the Air Force......

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"damn, maybe I should've joined the Air Force"