13 October 2007


The following is an email from a friend - and my response - regarding the recent (and incredibly transparent) statements by the ex-commander of the troops in Iraq:


What's up his ass???? Why Now???
"Asked why he did not speak out about his concerns, Sanchez said general officers take an oath to carry out the orders of the president while in uniform."The last thing that America wants, the last thing that you want, is for currently serving general officers to stand up against our political leadership...."

In other words, or in so many words he saying General Patraus couldn't/or wouldn't be able to tell the truth...

>>>>my response<<<<

It's simple.
Think in terms of FORMER-general wes clark and all the other generals who have found it "convenient" to retire now...just before the most important election in our CHILDREN'S lives (Reagan v. cahtuh was the most important in OUR lives).
There's also that little thingy about his ass gettin' royally chewed (completely "in-house", meaning behind the scenes) for the shit that went down at abu-Ghraib....while HE was in command......
He's makin' a play to the anti-war liberalites because nobody else wants him.
Just because someone makes it to general, that in NO WAY means that they are guarranteed to be clear thinkers - particularly since they've pretty much risen as high as they can IN uniform, so many make plans for what they'll do OUT of uniform.
Look for sanchez to be rooting for the dems, since he's obviously looking for a HIGH appointment if there's a dem in the White House in '09.
He's as obvious as platter of bullshit on a dinner table - and just as welcome.
He'll be a 7-day wonder to the liberalite media, then do a rather drastic fade when they realize the play didn't work...again.
As for Petraeus - he was UNDER ORDERS to give an HONEST assessment.
The proof that he did is easy - the liberalite media was reduced to quibbling about whether or not the numbers for Shi'a on Shi'a violence should have been reported or not, since everything else was solid.
The dems keep performing anatomically impossible sex acts on themselves.....ain't it GREAT?!?!?


Lincoln once said, "If General McClellan, sick or well, did not plan to use the army right away I would like to borrow it, provided I could find out what ought to be done with it."

McClellan was undeniably good at raising and organizing an army, but was also - at the very least - inept in its use.

I'm not saying that sanchez was a bad general, but in view of the obvious emnity between Lincoln and McClellan - the latter referred to the former as a "well-meaning baboon", a "gorilla", and similar remarks - the parallel is obvious, and quite likely the reason for the former commander's remarks about the current Administration's handling of the war in Iraq.

Further excuses for that unmitigated bitch-fest also come to mind, such as:

1. NO commander of troops in the field EVER wants to admit that his successor was more successful than they were;
(...but McClellan was able to help the Union later on in the Civil War, while sanchez has opted to merely turn to backstabbing.)

2. Very few people have the gumption to admit their OWN responsibilities for failures, thus it'd be REAL easy to jump on the band-wagon and blame the Administration for everything that went wrong, particularly since there's a certain amount of "politics" that has to take place in order to GET to the rank of general;
(...the problem with that second one is that you'd ALSO have to give that Administration credit for the things that went RIGHT!)

3. While "in the saddle", sanchez had to keep his political opinions to himself, but now he's free to "come out of the closet" - just like wes "failed candidate" clark has, exposing himself for the flaming liberalite that's always lurked under the uniform (after all, he did serve under Sick Willie's misAdministration, and being a soldier doesn't automatically make anyone "infra-red or ultra-violet" on the political spectrum.)

Chances are, the "real reasons" are a mixture of all three - and then some - but then again, who gives a rat's ass about his reasons?

He just ass-fucked the troops still over there...and not even dinner and a movie, first.....

sanchez has just firmly emplaced himself in future historical records as yet another opportunistic jackass....ranking somewhere BELOW McClellan.

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MK said...

Don't hold back there Touch LOL.

So when his his book coming out, or is it out already. They're usually trashing someone to get some publicity for a book or maybe he's standing for office in some mad-left town.