31 December 2007

Another Year

In just a few hours (my time) 2007 will go into the books and 2008 will have begun.

I won't go into a "Year In Review" (too much of that all over the place already), but I will make an observation or two.

Control of Congress was handed to the dems in '06 - and they SAID (over and over) that they were sent as a mandate to "end the war".

Could they have done it? Sure, they have control of the money, and you can't fight a war without money, so they could have forced a defeat ANY TIME THEY WANTED TO DO IT!

Did they?


Why not?

Because the people who elected their sorry asses did NOT want them to lose the war for us.

What did Congress accomplish?

They raised the minimum wage, renamed a whole mess of buildings in THEIR honor, and sent BILLIONS of dollars worth of pork to their home districts. The Inquisition produced more confessions and convictions - and on better justification! - than all the "investigations" those jackasses have conducted. They produced an "Energy Bill" that does precisely NOTHING to INCREASE energy production in America. They got vetoed a few times because they couldn't manage to keep the best interests of America in the forefront of their legislating.

So, but one question remains:

If the dems are so ate-up that they can't do anything right in Congress, can America really afford to let one of those jackasses loose in the White House?

The reps are no bargain, but they're a damned sight better than the dems.

Remember that, come the New Year.

P.S. That cartoon is correct. The Iraqi government - the same one that Congress keeps accusing of incompetence and corruption - has accomplished more in this past year than the jackasses in D.C. have......so who's the incompetent?

Have a great New Year....

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MK said...

"...can America really afford to let one of those jackasses loose in the White House?"

Can the world really afford that, i mean let's face it, America is the only big guy around with the balls and the ability to keep the bad guys in line.