27 January 2008

Bullshit Busting

Okay, people, all the spin and bullshit flyin' on the media these days has my finger on the trigger and the safety off....so here it is.

First, when it comes to the "economic stimulus" bribe....er, package....let's take off the Birthday Present Glasses and get REAL, shall we?

It ain't your birthday.

They're making a big "bi-partisan" show about GIVING BACK SOME OF YOUR OWN MONEY!
Get a clue.
The political punks are out in front of the cameras preening about how fast, how wonderful, now "NECESSARY" this VOTE-BUYING SCHEME is to America.


(helpful hint: ANY time the pols start puking out the term "bi-partisan" - or perhaps "buy-partisan" would be more accurate - then you may be ABSO-FUGGIN-LUTELY CERTAIN that WHATEVER they're proposing is only good for THEM! In short, whenever something is touted as "bi-partisan", grab some personal lubricant, because they're going to shove it in whether we want it or not.)

A simple reality-check shows that with the exception of the housing market - where CONGRESS told the lenders that they HAD to give loans to people who COULD NOT AFFORD THEM (thus all the foreclosures when the rates went up, DUH!) - the rest of the economy is DOING JUST FINE! So why the sudden rush to give OUR MONEY BACK TO US, when even the POLITICIANS are saying that this shit is only going to be a TEMPORARY "fix"?

The November elections...they're admitting to PANDERING!

...and the brain-dead voters are just drooling for that money.


Next, let's take a look at another facet of that puss-filled boil on society which we call "politics".

Anyone who actually believes that mccain would govern as a CONSERVATIVE, or that he even has a CHANCE to do ANYTHING GOOD for America as President, then you need to consider some FACTS:

Facts such as the MCCAIN-kennedy AMNESTY bill for illegal aliens, where he reached a "bi-partisan" agreement with one of the farthest left loons in Congress. (thank God that We The People rose up and killed THAT one!)

Facts such as the MCCAIN-feingold bill (where he again paired with ANOTHER ultra-leftist), which was the first SUCCESSFUL ASSAULT in history that restricted our First Amendment rights of Free Speech!

Facts such as his stance on taking CAPTURED TERRORISTS out of Gitmo and shoving them into our CIVILIAN legal system - can we say ACLU lawyers and liberal activists judges?

Facts such as his stand against "torture" such as waterboarding - which we use to train some of OUR OWN TROOPS! - and which has been PROVEN TO WORK and has STOPPED TERRORIST ATTACKS AND SAVED THOUSANDS OF LIVES!

Facts such as the imfamous "Gang of 14", where they took a "bi-partisan" stand AGAINST having constructionist judges! It was nothing more than a minor coup-d'etat AGAINST not only the Executive Branch's CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to appoint judges, but ALSO against the will of the American people!

Facts such as his OPPOSITION to the TAX CUTS which have given us a post-911 economy that not only rivals, but has EXCEEDED the growth of the much-lauded "dot.com boom" that Sick Willie was given credit for in the '90s...and which went BUST just about the time that bubba left office.....

It is ZERO surprise that Joe Lieberman has endorsed mccain - they are BOTH liberalite elitists who just happen to be a bit hawkish on the war. Lieberman at least has the honesty to caucus with the DEMS!

Face it, the Roman Empire went to hell because it rotted out from the inside, not because of military losses, and mccain has ALREADY helped increase the rot with his "aid and comfort" to the leftists. Regardless of however much he might profess to be "strong on defense" (and OFFENSE wins wars, NOT defense!), how much more damage are we willing to let him perpetrate to this nation by allowing him to occupy the Oval Office?

Next, there's the buzz about hussein obama being some sort of reincarnation of John F. Kennedy.

What a pile of bull.

JFK cut taxes and had a REAL vision for America. obama just pukes out bumpersticker bullshit about amorphic "change", and the drooling libs all line up like good little lemmings - they don't know (or care) that they're following yet another Pied Piper over the cliff of socialism.

If JFK were alive today, he'd kick is younger (and drunker) brother's ass. He wouldn't even be a democrat! ....THAT is how far the dems have drifted to port.....

And finally, there's this: How many of you have seen that commercial for "nothing but nuts.nut"?

Reality check - those people are saying that a "lack of nets" is "killing children" in Africa.

Bullshit. Lack of DDT (which is only harmful in EXTREME OVERDOSES!) is killing those kids! Lack of common sense is killing those kids. IGNORANCE is killing those kids, and those "feel-good activists" are INCREASING the rank stupidity infecting the world!

In the final analysis, THOSE PEOPLE will end up helping to KILL MORE KIDS!

...and how many of you have ever noticed that when a liberalite is attempting to get their jackass, insane "points" across, how they always cock their head to push one cheek forward? Look at ANY true-believer liberalite, and you'll see the "just smack me, I'm stupid" cheek-push whenever they're espousing their LEAST logical arguments....

Okay, my keyboard is starting to smoke, so I'm gonna end this before I stab a finger clean through my laptop.....

Have a LOGICAL day, and don't forget to oblige the next cheek-pushing liberalite jackass you meet, and smack the hell out of 'em! ...okay, do it verbally, but make sure you hone your arguments to a razor point with facts and logic....then shove 'em up their ass cross-wise.

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