29 January 2008

Florida And Such

Time for some bits'n'pieces.

First, the "economic stimulus" package passed the House, and is looking to get loaded up with "special interest" goodies in the Senate....notice how the pandering of the political class has gone from "blatant" to "accepted" by the liberalite media.

Next, some pundits dismissed Bush's final State of the Union address as "same-o, same-o". It never even seemed to occur to those elitist boobs that one of the things most of us ordinary people admire about the President is his whatcha-see-is-whatcha-get consistency. He hit some good points, though, and I particularly liked how he needled the liberalites with his, "If some people feel they're not paying enough taxes, the IRS accepts both checks and money orders" line....

Finally, it looks like mccain took the win in Florida, mostly by picking up the senior citizen vote, the hispanic vote, those who feel the economy is a key issue (by only 4 points, at 38% to 34%), and - just barely (by only a single point) - the veterans' votes....and the "independent" (closet liberalite) vote.

Romney got a huge majority of the conservative vote (47% to 20%), those who feel that immigration is a key issue (45% to 22%), and also picked up the majority of the evangelical votes.

There's rumors that Rudy is going to throw his support to mccain, but there's also the question of who Fred will support.

The huckster is pretty much toast, and everyone with a functioning brain is STILL wondering why the hell ronpaul ever started running to begin with......

What does it all mean?

mccain got 57 delegates....and that's pretty much it.

I happen to have a problem with ANY "republican" candidate that's endorsed by the NYSlimes editorial page:


"Super Tuesday" is next week, and for the first time, Montana is having a caucus - and I WILL be there - in addition to our primary, scheduled for this spring.

My wife asked me why I planned to blow next Tuesday night with a bunch of politicians instead of staying home with the family.

I told her it was BECAUSE of the family. I asked her if she felt okay about our daughter having an abortion without even having to discuss it with us. I asked her if she was okay with the kids never going hunting because of gun bans. I asked her if she was okay about the kids NEEDING to learn Spanish.

She just gave me her (now patented) "okay, smartass, you're right" look.

Like I said, I'll be there next Tuesday.....right after I get done having another talk with the recuiter about trying once more to reenlist......

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