06 February 2008

Super Tuesday

The following is my response to a reply I got from a friend after I'd sent out an email to everyone in my address book about why I was caucusing for Romney (which Montana endorsed today). She's a ronpaul supporter and found my analysis of that man's positions "less-than-flattering" to him, and thought that I was either believing the media or just uninformed about his proposals/stances. Surprisingly, there was a lot of support for ronpaul at the caucus, but logic, facts and common sense prevailed:
"You should know me better than that.I don't trust the media any further than I could spit a reporter. They lie too much.

As for ronpaul, I have done the research on him, and he has repeatedly allowed his ideology to sabotage his own ideals.

He's always been a fan of reducing the size of government, yet voted WITH the dumbascraps AGAINST a bill which would have reduced some departments - because he didn't feel it cut their size ENOUGH! In essence, rather than make some small progress, his vote allowed the government to grow even MORE....that bill failed by ONE VOTE...HIS!

I've also heard ronpaul's own words during the debates.

He advocates an Isolationist policy that would have our troops back here in the States rather than over where the enemy is...sure sounds nice, but it verifiably WILL NOT WORK....remember Pearl Harbor? 9/11?

I don't want to fight the terrorists on Main Street, USA when I can be hunting them where THEY live. Wars are won by taking the initiative and going on the offense, not cowering in defense and hoping the bear eats the other campers first and saves us for last....

If we had followed ronpaul's interpretation of the Constitution over the past 100 years, the Allies would have LOST WW2, Japan would currently be dominating Pacific Asia and China, Germany and Italy would have taken over Europe (and most of the Middle East!), and America would NOT be a "Superpower".

As for us "policing the world", if not us, WHO?
Trust me, SOMEONE would be...that is the nature of humans...thus, if we'd stayed out of WW2, WE would currently be being "policed" by Imperialist Japan and Nazi Germany.

I'm damned GLAD we threw away the suicidally naive concept of Isolationism - which kept us out of WW2 long enough for Hitler and Tojo to kill 100's of thousands of Asians and Europeans in the late 1930's while we foolishly believed we were "safe". That same kind of mind-set allowed over 3000 Americans to be murdered on 9/11.

MILLIONS of people are alive - and FREE - because we got RID of the "ostrich ideal"....both in the 1940's, and today.

How many will be enslaved/killed in the future if we take it up again?ronpaul's cockeyed ideals bear one very real similarity to those of communism - not that he's a leftist or a socialist, but in that there is one very significant common factor: his ideals and those of communism BOTH "look good on paper" (true communism is really a pretty good idea), however, NEITHER of those ideologies take into account human nature, thus BOTH are forever doomed to self-destructive impracticality.
Neither will ever work in the real world, and both will cost people their lives.

I never tell people who to vote for, but neither am I bashful about getting out the FACTS about candidates and saying why I am voting for someone.

Still, all this is academic.
It is statistically impossible for ronpaul's dangerously naive ideas to make it into the White House - yet another example of how reality has a nasty habit of breaking rose-colored glasses.

Don't get the idea that I'm angry or running you down - I'm not. However, I'm too much of a realist to let ronpaul's insanity go unchallenged, and too much your friend to not give you the facts and the truth.

Thus, since (statistically) ronpaul can't get into the White House, and the huckster has become a truly slimy political deal-maker/ass-kisser for mccain, every vote that isn't cast for Romney - the closest thing to a true conservative left in this race and the only candidate with even a statistical CHANCE of defeating the liberalite mccain - amounts to a vote FOR mccain...and he's nothing more than hellary with a pecker.

If it comes down to mccain vs. hellary - and that's looking more likely every day - then it won't make a lick of difference to the fate of this nation, and we'll be in for a damned rough 4 years or more: higher taxes, bigger government, trashed economy, ruined healthcare system, open borders, and (worst of all) activist liberalite justices given LIFETIME appointments to the Supreme Court...which will trash this nation for (literally) DECADES!
....how do you think we ended up with the abomination of Roe v. Wade?

My caucus went for Romney tonight, but things aren't looking good in the rest of America.

If it's mccain vs. hellary, I cannot in good conscience vote for either.
I'll vote write-in for Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich.
Some might say that would be throwing away my vote, but like I said, I'm a realist, and I have to face that guy that stares back at me from every mirror.

There IS NO DIFFERENCE between mccain or hellary, except perhaps that Mrs. mccain won't be molesting interns.....

Take care, and make sure you get REAL information....NEVER trust ANY candidate's website!
Try this site instead:
...and here is their page about ronpaul:
...make sure you take a close look at the "Political Interest Group" ratings, too. One can tell a lot about a candidate by the groups that like them AND the ones who don't.
...for instance, did you know that hellary received a 100% rating from the Iranian-American Interests Association? And consistantly BAD ratings from low-tax organizations?
...or that jean-françois kerrì received the endorsement of the American Communist Party in 2004?
If you go to VoteSmart's homepage, you can find out about state candidates, too.

Stay informed, but make sure you're getting the WHOLE picture.

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