15 April 2008

No Shame

Once again, PeanutBoy reinforces his singular claim to the title of "Worst President In American History".

This jackass knows no shame, has an unearned ego bolstered by delusions of relevance, and continues to do unparalleled harm to America.

In a new low - even for him - he's layin' flowers at the grave of YASSER ARAFAT!


Which only begs the question of whether or not he'll also murder some plantlife and drop it off at Yitzak Rabin's grave, too, since between the three, they helped push the hugely over-rated and disastrously hyped "Oslo Accords".

...and all this while he's on the way to play kiss-ass with Hamas.....who don't recognize the Oslo Accords, since that scrap of paper recognizes Israel's "right to exist" - which Hamas not only actively denies, but is working day and night to make sure that Israel DOESN'T exist....

When will that consumate shit-head finally have the good grace to put a pistol between those huge teeth of his and go join his butt-buddy arafat in Hell?

1 comment:

MK said...

Well said TS, a right terrorist testicle sniffer he is.