17 April 2008

Slime Magazine

Once again, "slime magazine" is plumbing the depths of Church of Liberalism dogma - in this case, their hallowed rite of "Pisseth Upon Thine Military".


Those punks have taken one of the greatest symbols of the American tradition of sacrifice, courage and nobility...and reduced it to a sick joke touting a global hoax.

And in a twist of irony of truly epic proportions, those scum at that newsrag probably never even realize how much they OWE to the brave men and women of the "greatest generation" for the very freedom they have to publish their tasteless, shameless, clueless insults.

I'd boycott that dumbass rag....if I hadn't been doing it for the last few years already.

Suffice to say, their so-called "editors" - more like "propaganda ministers" - have received an email which is.....less than cordial.

They can kiss my Army-issue ass.

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